Last night, Big Brother crowned a new Big Brother 2016 Head of Household. It is a very rare occasion when a last minute final four alliance stay together until the final four. Therefore, we knew that the Final Four could only last so long in the Big Brother 18 game.

Big Brother-Final Four Alliance

Whoever won this week’s Head of Household had to make the obvious move and strike against one of the two remaining pairs. Originally, the Final Four agreed to evict Natalie Negrotti, and then James Huling. However, James seems like a smaller threat compared to Victor Arroyo, who won his way back into the Big Brother 18 house twice, and Paul Abrahamian, who has been accused of being a Big Brother mastermind.

Nicole Franzel hasn’t shown herself to be much of a threat either, but Corey Brooks and her have been on a winning streak recently, and they have been making moves to control the whole house. So they seem like a duo you want to breakup sooner rather than later.

Both the Sitting Ducks and NiCorey have discussed taking a shot at the other big duo, and keeping James to the final three. Victor and Paul discussed it but didn’t seem too committed to betraying their new allies.

Nicole and Corey were more on board with taking a shot at Victor and Paul. Last night, Corey became the newest Head of Household. Nicole and him then discussed how to play out things this week.

Big Brother 18-Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks

They debated whether it was smarter to just put up Paul and Victor, or one of them and James. Nicole advocated putting up James and one of the Sitting Ducks. She didn’t completely trust James, after he betrayed them several times in the game.

This week’s Veto is critical, because whoever has the Veto controls the outcome of the final four. If James won the Veto, he could easily take off Victor or Paul, which would force Nicole on the block. Then Nicole would be evicted. This left Corey’s chances of making the final 3 very slim.

However, if Corey left either Victor or Paul off the block, the same scenario could occur. Corey trusted James more and believed that the best option would be to initially nominate the Sitting Ducks.

Then if one of them won Veto, James went on the block. And Corey and Nicole would still be the deciding votes, and get to vote out the remaining Sitting Duck. This meant it would be more of a three against one scenario going into the final 4.

So later today, Corey should stick to his plan and nominate Paul and Victor. Unless James wins Veto, and betrays NiCorey, their odds of both staying in the Big Brother 2016 house doesn’t look great.

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