Last week, the Big Brother 2016 Round Trip ticket did not get used. This meant that none of the last six evicted Big Brother 18 houseguests held the ticket. Since Big Brother 18 lasts for 99-days, CBS needed some twist ensure that they reached that goal. A juror return competition would fill that empty week.

Big Brother 2016-Jury Competition

Last Thursday, host Julie Chen announced the Big Brother return juror competition. It meant that Da’Vonne Rogers, Zakiyah Everette, Bridgette Dunning, and Paulie Calafiore would get a second chance to compete in the game. On Thursday’s live eviction, Victor Arroyo became the fifth jury member. He would also get a third chance to compete for $500,000.

This Big Brother returning juror competition consisted of a wall that tilted back and forth. The juror to last the longest on the wall returned to the Big Brother 18 house. If that juror also managed to outlast the current houseguests, they became the newest Head of Household.

Da’Vonne and Zakiyah jumped off only thirty minutes into the competition. Before leaving, Da’Vonne told Bridgette to not let Paulie win it. She also gave Victor some advice about going after James Huiling.

Before Zakiyah left, Paulie made a flirty comment to her. He also mentioned to Victor that she didn’t speak to him for four days. During Thursday’s live broadcast, we saw a juror segment that showed Paulie get “dragged” by the first three jury members.

Big Brother 18-Jurors

The biggest confrontation happened between Zakiyah and him. When the juror segment continued (Monday or Sunday), Da’Vonne mentioned how the fighting stopped. Da’Vonne, Paulie, and Bridgette seemed amicable, but Paulie and Zakiyah both mentioned not speaking to one another. Paulie seemed regretful but Zakiyah seemed fine with not speaking to him.

We guess somewhere between that segment and Thursday, they at least let go of the hostility.

Bridgette tried her hardest to stay in the competition, but she eventually fell off. This left Paulie and Victor as the final two jurors. Paulie talked a lot of game while standing next to Victor.

He mentioned a few things about jury, but mostly talked about wanting to work with Victor, and not trusting James. Paulie visibly struggled more than Victor. And eventually he fell off.

Victor made history by being the only player to ever return twice in one season.

Big Brother 2016-Wk 10 HOH comp

Victor fell soon after Paulie, so he didn’t become Head of Household, and might be in danger of going right back out this week if he doesn’t win Veto.

Are you happy that Victor got a third chance at Big Brother 18?

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