Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo‘s decision to keep James Huling in the Big Brother 18 game could cost them their games. We pretty much expected Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks to want to keep James around. However, we didn’t expect the Sitting Ducks to agree to it.

Big Brother 18-Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks

Nicole and Corey have repeatedly stated that they wanted Natalie Negrotti out so that they could pull James closer to them. James has worked with Nicole and Corey all Big Brother 2016. They only joined opposite sides when Nicole and Corey heard that James might waiver and vote out Corey over Victor.

Nicole and Corey were loyal to the Sitting Ducks for two weeks, but we all expected that they would eventually turn on them. It looks like next week it will happen. Nicole and Corey (if given the opportunity) will  make their move against Victor and Paul.

Around 11:11 BBT on 9/5/16, Corey and Nicole used gummy bears and Oreos to figure out what would happen the final sixteen days. They wanted to figure out when the next few evictions would take place.

After finishing their gummy-Oreo session, Nicole whispered that she wanted the final three to be Corey, her, and James. She then mentioned how she thought James would take Corey to the finals over her because of their Texas connection.

Big Brother 18-Cookies and gummy worms

Nicole also then mentioned how she didn’t believe she could win against Corey. She also asked him if he would be upset if she didn’t bring him to the finals.

He said (possibly jokingly) that he would never speak to her again. She then argued how she had no chance to beat him in the finals. He argued that she would definitely win over him.

They then decided to not talk about it anymore. They needed to worry more about getting to the finals first.

We definitely expected Nicole and Corey to betray Victor and Paul eventually. It makes sense considering how big of a threat Victor and Paul are in the game. Right now, they’re easily the frontrunners.

However, we were a little shocked to hear that Nicole may not take Corey at the final stretch. Nicole has the best chance of winning against Corey or James. She’s almost guaranteed the $500,000 against Corey, but we can see why she doesn’t see things as that simple.

BB18-Nicole Franzel

It would be a very ruthless move if Nicole wins final Head of Household and doesn’t take Corey. It would make her a more interesting player than credited.

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