In several hours, Big Brother 18 ends. James Huling, Nicole Franzel, or Paul Abrahamian will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 2016. The jurors determine the winner by who they feel played the best game, or deserves the money the most.

Big Brother 18-Final 3

All the remaining three houseguests had to backstab someone to get their place in the finals. Some had to backstab more than others. They will all have to defend their decisions and convince a possibly bitter jury that they deserve the title of Big Brother 18 winner.

All season, James laid low. He started the season with a plan to align with the dominant male figures, and then manipulate them into doing his bidding. It didn’t quite turn out that way. He got distracted by a showmance. He also played most of the game afraid to make a big move against “the house.”

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - James Huling Eviction Interview 10

James let Natalie Negrotti make most of the important decisions, which helped him get further. He only won one major competition, which did get one of the biggest threats out of the game. Overall, James played more passive than he did in Big Brother 17. This time it got him further, but did it win him enough support to win the Big Brother game?

Immediately, Nicole started the game aggressively. She ensured the safety of the vets by winning the first Head of Household competition. Then she tried to stick her hand in too many cookie jars. She joined many alliances, made a few final two deals, and ratted people out left and right.

In the end, her true allegiance was to Corey Brooks. She stayed loyal to him all game. However, she got a little too into her showmance. This meant that Nicole played the middle chunk of the game by doing nothing.

Big Brother 18-Nicole Franzel

Once two of her closest allies got taken out, Nicole put her game hat back on. She started playing a little more ruthless. For the end half of the game, she had the most control in the house.

Nicole played ruthless, but did her backstabbing cout her support in the jury house? Will a few bitter jurors cost Nicole the Big Brother game?

Paul had the biggest target on his back going into the Big Brother 18 game. He started the game off as a loudmouth. He then joined an alliance with someone who rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. This tarnished Paul and his closest ally Victor Arroyo‘s game.

Early on, Paul watched one alliance member after another leave the game. His social skills and alliance with Paulie Calafiore extended his game farther than many expected. Paul really became a power player when Victor returned to the game. The all male alliance, the Executives, dominated Big Brother 18 for awhile.

Paul Abrahamian BB18

After Paulie left, Victor and Paul struggled again to find true allies. They got betrayed over and over again. They became the Sitting Ducks, and the underdogs (despite their competition prowess).

Paul won a lot of support with the Big Brother 18 fans.  However, could Paul’s polarizing personality make the Big Brother 18 jurors want to grant James or Nicole the money, just because they seem nicer?

So who do you want to see win Big Brother 18? Who do you think will win Big Brother 18? Vote in our polls and comment below.

Who Will Win Big Brother 18?

Nicole Franzel
James Huling
Paul Abrahamian

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Who Should Win Big Brother 18?

Nicole Franzel
Paul Abrahamian
James Huling

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