Tonight we will be watching a special Big Brother 19 Battle Back where one of the first four evictees will have a chance to battle their way back into the house. Who will win the Big Brother 2017 Battle Back? We will have to wait until tonight to find out. I want to know who you think will win tonight’s Big Brother 19 Battle Back!

Big Brother 2017 Battle Back: Who Do You Think Will Win? (POLL)

If you have been following the show, then you know who will be competing in the Battle Back tonight on Big Brother 19. Cameron, Jillian, Cody and Dominique will all be competing in this challenge, who do you think will win their way back into the Big Brother 2017 house? Let me know in the poll below!

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We know that Cameron, Jillian, Cody and Dom will be competing in the Battle Back, but we do not know what the challenge will be. Last year’s Battle Back went in rounds, but as Julie said last night, they like to shake things up so it may not be like that this year.

We also know that there is some kind of twist to this that will allow the HGs inside the Big Brother 19 house block the re-entry of the winner. We have no idea how that is going to work out, but I do know that unlike what we all thought, it has nothing to do with the DoT being accepted this week. There will be a different consequence for that later in the week.

We know that it is on at 8/7c tonight on CBS and I know that I will have all the details for you in a live recap! I also know that you are not going to want to miss that and you should come back and watch it with me tonight! So, tell me who do you think will win tonight’s Big Brother 19 Battle Back?

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