We have spent the last 12 weeks of our lives watching Big Brother 19 and wondering who could possibly make it to the end as the weeks went on. This whole season seemed like a really long game of Follow the Leader with Paul being the leader. If anyone crossed him, they were evicted. If anyone called him out for being deceptive, they were evicted. In the end, we were left with Paul, Christmas and Josh in the F3.

Big Brother 2017 Poll Who Will Win Big Brother 19 (POLL)

This season of Big Brother has been full of some interesting HGs, that’s for sure. Some of them had potential to be great Big Brother players, but they got wrapped up in showmances, they trusted the wrong person or they were just so blind to who the real target should have been. Instead of playing the game, they allowed the game to play them. If you have missed any of the action this season, you can check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get caught up.

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So, we have been left with Josh, Christmas and Paul in the F3. Paul won R1 of the final HOH comp and Josh won R2, which means that they will face off tonight in R3 on the live finale. There are two types of fans this season of Big Brother 19. There are the Team Paul fans and then the Team Not Paul fans. Team Not Paul fans want to see anyone but Paul win and at this point, the options are slim.

Here are the scenarios that could play out tonight. Paul could win R3 and take Josh to F2, like he has talked about. The jury could then vote one of two ways, they could be bitter and vote Josh out of spite or they could go based on game play (like they are supposed to) and Paul will win.

Then there is Paul wins R3 and brings Christmas to F2. Same ending, the Jury could be bitter and vote for Christmas or they could vote for Paul based on his ability to play the game, after all, he has played it before. Then we have Josh wins, takes Paul and well, we know how that could play out.

Then there is the scenario that the Team Not Paul fans would like to see. Josh wins and takes Christmas to F2 with him and cuts Paul at F3. Then Josh or Christmas would win Big Brother 19, even though that situation isn’t ideal either, but the options are limited. Which scenario do you think will play out? Let me know which HG you think will go on to win Big Brother 19 by voting in the poll below! Stay tuned for my Poll results from last week’s favorite HG poll and come back later tonight for my Big Brother 19 live recap!

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