This week has been hard to predict with the early POV comp and the late DoT reveal on Big Brother 19. With that being said, there has also been a lot of drama in the Big Brother house. You can get all the details of this week’s excitement with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers.

Big Brother 2017 Predictions: Who Will Be Evicted? - Week 3

We have seen little to no campaigning this week on Big Brother 2017 from either nominee. Alex and her allies have done everything in their power to make Jessica feel like she is safe this week. It wouldn’t be unlike the Big Brother 19 HGs to flip the votes last second. Find out who I think will be evicted this week on Big Brother 19 right here!

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This week has been interesting and we all know that it’s just going to get more dramatic when one of the evicted HGs makes their way back into the house. Or doesn’t, depending on what the twist on the Battle Back is going to be. That all stems from the Halting Hex and which HG got their hands on the temptation this week.

They revealed the results of the Den of Temptation yesterday and as of this moment, no one knows who got it except for that HG. There has been a lot of chatter on social media that they think that Dominique or Jessica may have gotten it and they both might end up safe this week. I disagree with this because based on polls I’ve seen and conducted, there is another HG in the Big Brother house that is more popular than Jess or Dom.

In my opinion, I believe that Kevin received the DoT this week and will not say anything about it to anyone, because that’s how Kevin plays this game. We will find out for sure who has it tonight, but that is my thought on that. With that being said, I think that Dominique will be evicted tonight and will have a shot to get back into the house at the Battle Back which is set to air tomorrow night.

I think that Dom would have been able to save herself if she offered more details on why she thinks the way she does about Paul. However, even if she did that, there is still the bomb that Cody planted before he was evicted last week. He told Christmas and Paul that Dom and Mark were the two people who knew every move that he was going to make when he was HOH.

Paul then went on to tell Alex that Dom and Mark were working with Cody and convinced her that Dom was the more dangerous competitor. That’s how we got to where we are even though we all know that he didn’t tell anyone, but he needed to blow up someone’s game. Join me tonight for my Big Brother 19 live recap to find out how everything unfolds!

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