This week on the Big Brother 19 live feeds and show has been an interesting one. We all knew from the start that Josh was Jessica’s target. He has been since day one. He hasn’t gotten along with Jessica or Cody since the beginning. This week he was put on the block with Ramses, who Jessica made clear was a pawn.

Big Brother 2017 Predictions: Who Will Be Evicted? - Week 4

Paul was pretty angry about Cody being back in the house and his girlfriend being the HOH so he decided to orchestrate a blindside vote. Which would have worked out without a flaw if Kevin didn’t tell Jessica about it last night on the feeds. So who is going to be evicted tonight on Big Brother 2017? Keep reading to find out what I think!

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Tonight we were supposed to be watching an explosive eviction on Big Brother 19 and thanks for Kevin, that’s going to die out a little. However, it also makes this week a little less predictable now that Jessica and Cody know about the blindside and could potentially sway them to vote for Josh again. Or if she is feeling guilty enough, and she would have to feel really guilty, she could use her Halting Hex and save Ramses.

At this point we know that Elena, Mark, Cody and Kevin plan to keep Ramses in the house. Paul, Jason, Alex, Matt, Raven and Christmas are all planning to keep Josh in the house. That’s a 6-4 vote to evict Ramses. However, if Ramses could sway two of those votes in his favor, he could still stay in the house.

Even though there is a chance that Ramses could rally a couple more votes and stay, I don’t think it’s very likely. I think that Ramses will most likely be sent home only because no one in the house really wants to go against Paul. Then again, it’s happened before so who really knows. It is Big Brother and we are all told to expect the unexpected!

Will Ramses actually be sent home or will I be wrong for the first time this season? Find out later tonight with my Big Brother 19 live recap!

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