This week we have Mark and Matt sitting on the block in the Big Brother 19 house and Mark is the target. Mark has done some campaigning to Christmas and it doesn’t seem like she is going to budge on this decision. On yesterday’s episode of Big Brother 2017, she said that no matter how many times Mark tries to pledge his allegiance to her, it doesn’t mean much.

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Mark has tried to rally some votes by talking to Jason, Jason actually toyed with the idea of trying to vote Matt out instead, but Alex quickly reminded him that they can’t do that. Mostly because she doesn’t want to ruin their chances at F3 with Paul, even though there isn’t a chance for that anyways. Make sure you check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details of Mark’s campaigns.

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With everything going on in the house, Mark has come pretty close to convincing at least one person that keeping him in the house would be best. Kevin told Mark that if everyone else is on board, he would vote to keep Mark also. Jason is on board, but he has to convince Alex and Paul to vote to keep him, lets face it that’s not going to happen. He has campaigned to Christmas and Josh, but they have no intentions of flipping the house vote this week on Big Brother 19.

I think that despite his best efforts, Mark will walk out of those doors and greet Julie tonight on Big Brother 19. Once Mark is out of the house the targets are Matt, Raven and Kevin. Who will win HOH tonight? Who do you want to see exit the house next? Let me know in the comments section below or on social media!

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