This season on Big Brother 19 you were either part of Paul’s alliance or you weren’t. Often this season the HGs thought they were in with Paul, when they weren’t. That’s just how it goes in the Big Brother 2017 house, but this season the HGs seemed to forget that sometimes you got stabbed in the back. If you missed any of my Big Brother 2017 spoilers, make sure you catch up on the drama!

Big Brother 2017 Predictions Who Will Be Evicted - Week 9

When it came to Matt and Raven, they were the epic floaters of the season. They were friends with everyone when it was convenient for their game, but they were never overly friendly with Jason. Probably why Jason thought that they were expendable and thought he would target one of them instead of allowing Paul to dictate his HOH.

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As the final showmance in the house, Raven and Matt had to know that their days were numbered in the house, but they had a false sense of security this week when Paul kept telling them that they would be okay. Paul did all this knowing that the chances of Jason not using the POV to take Raven down were pretty high.

After the POV ceremony, Raven and Matt were angry, to say the least and they confronted Jason about this decision. After that Matt started asking all the HGs to vote him out this week and keep Raven in the house. That was the plan anyway, but the HGs didn’t let him in on that detail. Knowing his days were numbered, Matt decided that even though he’s a Have-Not, he wasn’t going to follow any of the rules. He decided that he was going to eat regular food, drink whatever he wanted, take hot showers and sleep in a regular bed. That got him a penalty vote from production.

With the live eviction coming up tonight, I expect that Matt will be unanimously voted out of the Big Brother 19 house and sent to Jury. A move that I don’t think should be allowed considering Matt blatantly disregarded the Have-Not rules. We all know that he will go unpunished for these actions and next season the HGs will use this as an excuse to break the Have-Not rules also.

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