Like any other season, the rumors for the Big Brother 2017 cast are heating up big time as the Big Brother 19 premiere gets closer and closer! The latest rumor? Four reality stars have signed on to live in the Big Brother 2017 house this summer! Check it out below in our Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 2017 Spoilers - BB19 Cast Rumors


If you all remember, Big Brother 18 brought us 12 new houseguests and 4 returning players. We have seen the coaches theme before also. Producers like this 12 new, 4 old concept, huh? The Big Brother 2017 cast rumors are bringing us those numbers, but with a twist.

Instead of four returning players, it looks like producers could be bringing in four reality stars to crossover to Big Brother 2017. Of course, they would most likely be pulling from Survivor. The rumored names mentioned have been Cirie Fields, Russell Hantz, Malcolm Freberg and Ozzy Lusth all from Survivor. Also being thrown around is Cody Dunlap, who appeared on Stranded with a Million Dollars on MTV. Seems odd, since CBS usually keeps it within the family for these swaps.

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As far as these names go, Russell would be a lot to handle! Cirie has always played a great social game on Survivor, so this could be right up her alley. Malcolm and Ozzy would be fun to look at for three months, so sign them up! I think they both could do very well on the show, but would come in with some huge targets on their backs.

Here is the tweet talking about the four reality stars and he seems to have predicted the returning HGs on BB18, so could he be right again?

Big Brother 2017 Spoilers - BB19 Cast Rumors

Source: Twitter

For now, we wait and let all the rumors for Big Brother 2017 come in. Also, get ready for the new season and having access to the Big Brother 19 house 24/7 by signing up for your live feeds now!

What do you think of these four reality stars rumors?

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