We have officially reached week three in the Big Brother 2017 season and what an interesting few weeks it’s been. Tonight we watched as another HG was evicted on Big Brother 19 and now we will watch as another one win the HOH comp. Keep reading to find out who it is!

Big Brother 2017 Spoilers: HOH Comp Live Results! - Week 3

After a week Cody and a week of Paul in the HOH, I can’t wait to see a new face in the HOH room on Big Brother 19. Who do you think will come out on top in this week’s HOH comp? Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details of tonight’s comp, including the results!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Tonight’s HOH comp is called Space Cadet and the HGs are standing on those platforms and the wall they are attached to is moving. They have to keep holding on and the last HG standing will be this week’s HOH on Big Brother 19!

At 7:07 PM BBT Alex is wishing she didn’t miss leg day and Raven is complaining that her food is hurting. She had gotten five stitches in her foot yesterday after cutting it on the spiral staircase in the Big Brother 19 house. At 7:12pm BBT, Josh had fallen off the wall.

At 7:20PM BBT, Mark has fallen off the wall. They are all having conversations and playing games trying to pass the time and keep their minds off how bad everything hurts. The feeds are going in and out, but I will update this post as much as I can until the end of the comp.

The feeds come back up and no one else has fallen off the wall yet. Kevin is complaining that he isn’t going to make it much longer because he feels like he isn’t holding on right. Elena is more concerned about her makeup being all over her face. They are being sprayed with water and slimed, the HGs seem to be having a lot of fun up there.

Paul is making some really lame jokes as he watches them all struggle on the wall. Mark is trying to get ice for his finger because he managed to hurt it even more while holding onto the wall. At this point they seem to be getting a lot of time in between tilts, but soon that’s not going to matter as the exhaustion starts to set in.

At 7:38PM BBT, Raven has fallen off the wall. The pain in her foot was too much to handle anymore. She is telling Paul, Josh and Mark that her foot is numb now. She can’t feel it at all. Paul is asking production for a medic for Raven, she needs a dry dressing on her foot. Raven is trying to gross Paul out by showing him her stitches.

I will say that the cheerleaders are actually cheering for everyone on the wall, including Jessica. I was really expecting them to treat her like she didn’t exist. At 7:53PM BBT, Ramses has fallen off the wall. A couple minutes later, Kevin has fallen off the wall.That leaves Jason, Jessica, Dominique, Elena, Alex and Matt on the wall.

At 8:06PM BBT, Matt has fallen off the wall. They are really pushing through this comp. Jason is the last man standing and he is struggling to stay on there. Dom hasn’t said anything in a while and Alex is trying so hard to take pressure off by squatting. Things are going to get intense here soon!

At 8:18pm BBT, Jess and Dom have both fallen off the wall. Jason, Alex and Elena are left! At 8:29pm BBT, Jason made a deal with Elena to not be on the block this week and he drops off the wall. One minute later, Elena made a deal with Alex (couldn’t hear what it was) and she dropped off the wall. Alex has won HOH this week on Big Brother 19!

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