This week on Big Brother 20 has been an interesting one. Haleigh was the Hacker last week and now this week she is the HOH and has had her week hacked by someone on the other side of the house. There has been a lot of drama in the house and a lot of HGs showing us just how well (or not well) they know this game. Let me know who your favorite Big Brother HG is by voting in our poll below! 

Haleigh is the HOH, she put Angela and Kaycee up for nominations this week. Angela because she is convinced that Angela will come after her for trying to target Tyler last week. She told Kaycee that she put her up because they don’t really talk, but she has a feeling that Kaycee is working with Angela and Tyler.

After the Nomination Ceremony, the Hacker Comp took place. Kaycee pulled out a big win for L6 and herself. This win allowed her to take herself down and put up one of Haleigh’s closest allies, Rockstar. Needless to say, Rockstar was not happy about this at all.

Tomorrow we will watch as the POV Comp and Ceremony happen. While these things have already happened on the Big Brother live feeds, I won’t spoil them here. However, if you would like to know any of the Big Brother spoilers for the week including the POV Players, POV Winner and the results of the POV Ceremony, feel free to check them out!

In the meantime, let me know who your favorite Big Brother 20 HG is by voting in our poll below!

Make sure you come back tomorrow for our Big Brother live feeds recap, our favorite Big Brother HG poll results and our live recap of tomorrow night’s episode of Big Brother 20!

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