It has been an interesting week in the Big Brother 20 house with the Hacker Comp talking place and the winner being able to change the game up. With that being said, Bayleigh has found herself on the block this week next to Rockstar. Keep in mind, the hacker is still able to cancel a vote tonight on Big Brother 20. Who do you think will end up as the first member of the Big Brother 20 Jury? Let me know by voting in our poll below!

This week Angela found herself in power. With no real strategy in mind at the beginning of the week, Angela ended up nominating Rockstar and Scottie for eviction. The Hacker Comp took place and Haleigh won. She decided that she was going to hack the nominations and take Scottie off the block and replace him with Tyler. Haleigh tells us that she did this because no one else in the house was going to take the shot and she was given the opportunity.

The POV Comp happened last night on Big Brother 20, which Angela won and at the POV Ceremony, Tyler found himself safe from eviction. Angela then renom’d Bayleigh. Her plan all along was to BD Bayleigh and get her and her power app out of the house. She used her belief that Bayleigh was the Hacker as her reasoning behind it. Saying that Bayleigh had her HOH last week and now she was trying to take over Angela’s.

There was some drama on the feeds yesterday after Haleigh revealed to the house that she was, in fact, the Hacker. If you missed that, you can get all the spoilers from yesterday’s live feeds right here! Who do you think will be evicted tonight and sent to the Big Brother 20 jury house? Let me know by voting in our poll right here!

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