Well, it is Eviction Day in the Big Brother house and even though neither of them will be leaving the house just yet, one of them will be leaving the game. So which one will it be? Keep reading my Big Brother eviction prediction to find out who I think will be joining Camp Comeback on tonight’s episode of Big Brother!

With Jessica being named the mastermind of the Black Widows and Kemi being targeted for comments made about Jack early in the game, they both found themselves on the block this week.

Jessica has been blamed for the all-girl alliance, that Bella actually started and hasn’t handled being on the block very well. She has been very emotional and nervous about the chances of the vote flipping and her being taken out of the game this week.

Kemi has been campaigning hard and thought that she might have made some headway when someone tried to flip the vote in her favor. I won’t give away too many spoilers, but if you would like to read about what happened inside the Big Brother house, you can check out our Big Brother live feeds recap for Wednesday right here!

In the end, I think that Kemi is going to join David and Ovi in Camp Comeback this week. Which means she will have a chance to Battle Back into the house next week. Let me know who you think will go home by voting in our poll right here and make sure you come back later tonight for our Big Brother live recap!

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