This week of Big Brother 22, we watched as Enzo won HOH and nominated Kevin and Kaysar for eviction. When Kevin went on to win this week’s Power of Veto competition on Big Brother, he took himself off the block and Enzo put Christmas up as a pawn. Now it’s time to find out which HG was evicted during tonight’s live vote and eviction on Big Brother All-Stars!

Tonight we watched as the Big Brother 22 HGs voted out another one of their own. Enzo won HOH last Thursday and went with the path of least resistance and nominated Kaysar and Kevin. Kaysar was the house’s target this week and Kevin was put up strictly as a pawn.

We then moved into this week’s POV Competition where Enzo, Kevin, and Kaysar were joined by David, Bayleigh, and Tyler in a competition where the HGs were hanging like puppets and were eliminated when they fell. In the end, Kevin won the Power of Veto and then did what any HG would do, he took himself off the block.

Enzo had talked about a lot of options for replacement nominees prior to the POV even happening, but all the options he came up with were in case Kaysar won and took himself off. Enzo had some thinking to do and that’s when Christmas fell into his lap. Not literally, but she went up to his HOH room and offered to be a pawn to ensure that Kaysar would go home this week. Enzo decided that was the best route to go instead of putting someone like David up who the HGs might be tempted to vote out.

Going into tonight’s episode, there wasn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind that Kaysar would be sent home. Some thought that there might be a hinky vote or two thrown in just to make things interesting, but there wasn’t and Kaysar was voted out unanimously.

Stay tuned for my HOH spoilers, or you can check out my full recap right here for the details. I’ll also have nomination spoilers for you sometime Friday!

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