It is Eviction Night inside the Big Brother 22 house and we now know whether Da’Vonne or Kevin is the next member of the jury. If you missed tonight’s episode, check out my full Big Brother recap right here for all the details. Otherwise, you can keep reading to find out who was evicted right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

With Memphis’ plan to BD David slipping through his fingers due to Tyler winning the POV and deciding it wasn’t best for his game for David to go, the HGs had to work with plan B. Throughout the week, the Big Brother All-Stars talked about how important it was to split up the duo of Kevin and Day. Was Kevin the bigger threat because he was closer to David than Day? Or was Day the bigger target because Dani and Nicole had her in their back pocket? Or were the others more concerned that Dani and Nicole had a side alliance with Day? Either way, the choice has been made and here is how the votes landed during tonight’s Live Eviction:

  • Tyler – Day
  • Enzo – Day
  • Nicole – Kevin
  • David – Day
  • Cody – Day
  • Dani – Kevin
  • Christmas – Day

By a vote of 5-2, Da’Vonne has been evicted from the Big Brother house and will join Ian in the Big Brother Jury. Make sure you check out my full recap of tonight’s episode to get all the details of the new twist that is going to be stirring up Big Brother next! Stay tuned for HOH spoilers coming up later tonight also. Who do you hope to see win HOH this week?

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