We have closed out week 9 of Big Brother All-Stars and another HG has been sent to the Jury House. If you missed Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother, check out my full recap right here to get all the details. Otherwise, keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out which HG was evicted from the Big Brother 22 house!

Last Thursday, Cody went on to win the HOH competition for week 9 of Big Brother All-Stars. We went on to nominate Tyler and Christmas after they both voted to evict Nicole during the TE. Luckily for Cody, Enzo didn’t go along with the plan to evict Nicole, but it put Tyler and Christmas in a sticky situation. Due to her relationship with both Tyler and Memphis, Christmas was a little higher on Cody’s target list.

After Cody went on to win the POV for week 9, he was able to lock in his nominations. However, his target changed from Christmas to Tyler after Tyler spilled the beans on The Committee to Enzo. Even though Enzo already knew about the alliance, Cody felt like he couldn’t trust Tyler anymore.

This all led us to Thursday night’s eviction where the HGs voted to evict either Christmas or Tyler. Here is how the votes landed:

  • Enzo – Tyler
  • Nicole – Tyler
  • Memphis – Tyler

There it is. With a unanimous vote, Tyler is now headed to the Jury House. It is going to be imperative for Nicole or Enzo to win this week’s HOH competition. Make sure you check out my full recap of tonight’s episode right here to get all the details of what happened throughout the night. Stay tuned for HOH spoilers coming soon!

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