It is Eviction Day inside the Big Brother 23 house and as we saw on last night’s episode Derek X and Claire are on the block. It’s been a busy week with the Big Brother 2021 houseguests and a lot has gone on. If you have missed any of the action inside the house, make sure you check out my Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up. Otherwise, let’s recap the week and then you can let me know who you think will be evicted tonight!

As we know, Sarah Beth won this week’s Head of Household competition and with that came Kyland’s influence. Since she is his closest ally outside of the Cookout alliance, it was his responsibility to make sure that she didn’t target anyone inside the Cookout. At this week’s Nomination Ceremony, SB decided to put Derek F and Claire. Her original noms were picked knowing that the Chopping Block Roulette power would likely change them.

When Alyssa went on to win the Chopping Block Roulette, she chose to take DF off the block because she and SB were worried that Ky or Xavier could end up on the block next to him. Alyssa then went on to spin the roulette wheel, drop the ball and when the ball stopped on Xavier’s face, she was very upset. Xavier reassured her that everything was going to be fine, they still had the Veto to play.

SB, Claire, and Xavier were joined by Azah, DF, and Alyssa in this week’s Veto competition which was a pretty good scenario for Xavier, but not so good for DX. DX knew that if Xavier or Claire came down off the block that he would likely be the one to replace them and he didn’t get picked to play. In the end, DX’s worst-case scenario came true and Xavier won the Power of Veto.

At the Veto Ceremony this week, Xavier chose to take himself off the block and SB had the opportunity to backdoor DX and she took it. She told him that if she didn’t take this opportunity that it would have shown overconfidence on her part as she told him to take a seat next to Claire.

Tonight we will watch the footage of Claire and DX trying to persuade their fellow HGs as to why they should stay over the other. I will have some Big Brother spoilers for you later as to how that’s going for them with my Eviction Prediction post. In the meantime, let me know who you think will be evicted tonight right here!

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