Tonight on Big Brother 23 we will watch as Sarah Beth, Xavier, and Claire all compete in the Power of Veto competition alongside three of their fellow houseguests. If you don’t want to wait to find out which houseguests were picked to play in the POV, who won the POV, or what happened at the Veto Ceremony for Week 7, check out our Big Brother spoilers for the details! Otherwise, refresh this page frequently for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2021!

We started tonight’s episode off right after Xavier was put on the block with the Chopping Block roulette twist. Alyssa is upset that her biggest ally is on the block now as a result of this twist. Xavier tells Alyssa that it’s fine, but she is still upset about it. He tells that he still has the Veto and worse case, Claire goes home this week.

Claire asks SB what she wants to happen with the veto and SB tells her that she is in a tricky spot, but she doesn’t want Claire to go home this week. After doing a process of elimination, she realizes that DX is SB’s target this week. Claire goes to talk to DX after her conversation with SB and gives him a warning that he might end up on the block if the Veto is used.

DX realizes that he is probably the target over Claire. Tiffany joins their conversation and DX tells her that he needs to get picked to play in the Veto and win it. He tells her that he is worried that if someone else wins it, DX will likely end up on the block next post Veto.

SB clues Alyssa in on her plan to backdoor DX this week and Alyssa is 100% on board with this since she has wanted him out since he backdoored Christian. SB and Alyssa are just hoping that DX doesn’t get picked to play this week.

DX goes to talk to SB and he is clearly fishing for information and she knows it. He asks her if she would want the Veto used and she tells him that she honestly hopes that she wins so that she has complete control over her HOH.

DX talks to Hannah and he tells her that he really thinks that he might be the target this week and hopes that he gets picked to play. She tells us that she feels really guilty about talking him out of playing in the roulette so she is going to do everything she can to try and keep him off the block.

It’s time to pick players for the Veto! SB pulls Azah’s chip, Claire pulls Derek F’s chip, and Xavier pulls Alyssa’s chip. DX is not feeling good about his chances this week now that he hasn’t been picked to play. Claire is also worried because her biggest fear is that she is going to be next to DX after the Veto Ceremony.

It is time for the Veto Competition and in this comp, the HGs will have to set up dominos from the start to the button at the finish line. In order to play for the Veto, the HGs will have to set up their dominos with at least three punishments in line. If they choose not to play for the veto, they can play for prizes instead by setting up their dominos with those inline instead.

Alyssa started at the end and worked her way back to the start and chooses to play for Veto, DF decides that he doesn’t need to play for the Veto because he is already safe for the week and plays for the prizes instead. Azah tries for the Veto but her dominos get stuck she has to set them all back up. SB plays for the Veto even though there is another $10,000 up for grabs in this competition. Xavier and Claire both go for the veto because they are on the block and neither of them wants to be up there come Thursday.

Here are the Veto Comp results:

  • Derek F was the only one that went for prizes and he got 100 BB Bucks and $7,500 in cash they didn’t tell anyone who went for the prizes, but everyone knows it was him.
  • With a time of 3:05 Xavier won the Veto and his punishments will be a third nominee at the next available opportunity, BB Bankrupt, and solitary for 24 hours.

Claire is very emotional right now because she knows that she is going to be next to DX and she let him down. Tiffany tells her that she didn’t let anyone down. Tiffany tells us that Claire and DX are her closest allies outside of the Cookout and she needs to find a way to keep him off the block.

We then get a look at the HGs getting a chance to help the American Red Cross by putting together emergency kits for the American Red Cross to deliver to people when they need them. The HGs reflect on charity work that they have done outside the house and they all seemed to really enjoy putting these bags together.

Tiffany tells DX that their best shot at keeping DX off the block is to try and talk SB into putting Hannah on the block. Tiffany knows that Hannah would be safe because the Cookout will all vote to keep her here. DX goes to talk to SB and he tells her that he knows where her head is at, but she doesn’t need to be the one to take the shot at him. He tells her that he would like to work with her in this house and he tells her that if she keeps him off the block, he will keep her safe for 2-3 weeks. SB wonders if Hannah would go home if she were on the block next to Claire and he tells her, yes, but he tells us no.

SB tells us that she knows that Hannah is a dark horse in this house and she thinks that Hannah might be throwing competitions. She sees Hannah coming after her and by keeping him in the house, she is choosing to trust him. Her question is, is he going to come after her?

It is time for the Veto Ceremony. Xavier took himself off the block and SB decided to stick to her gut and nominate Derek X in his place. She tells him that that if she didn’t take this shot while she had it, it would show reckless overconfidence on her part.

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