Week 7 of Big Brother 23 has kicked off and a lot has happened since Sarah Beth was named Head of Household. She picked her nominees, then the High Roller’s Room twist took place and switched things up on her. The Power of Veto Players were picked earlier today and those six Big Brother 2021 houseguests went on to compete! Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to get the results of this week’s competition right here!

Sarah Beth named Derek F and Claire as her nominees for week 7 of Big Brother, but this week’s High Roller’s Room twist had other things in store for her. Alyssa went on to win the High Roller’s Room roulette twist and had voiced concerns to SB that she didn’t want to see Xavier or Kyland end up next to DF if they happened to be the roulette renom. SB realized that having Xavier or Kyland next to DF was not best for her game either and told Alyssa that she could use the roulette to save DF instead of Claire as originally planned.

Xavier was then renom’d by the roulette and put on the block next to Claire. Sarah Beth, Claire, and Xavier pulled players for this week’s Veto and Alyssa, DF, and Azah were all picked. Considering SB’s plan to possibly backdoor DX this week, the only hope DX had was if DF or Azah won this week’s Power of Veto. This is because they are the only ones that don’t feel like they own SB anything considering Kyland had Britini evicted last week and Derek F has been on the chopping block two weeks in a row.

Let’s find out who won, shall we?

The POV Winner for Week 7 of Big Brother 23 is:

  • Xavier

Unfortunately, there go DX’s chances of staying off the block. Monday at the Veto Ceremony, Xavier will take himself down and DX will most likely go up in his place unless something big happens between now and then.

I also want to add that there is some kind of punishment added to this week’s POV win. I’ll try and get more information on this. It sounds like Xavier will be in solitary starting on Wednesday and there was also something mentioned about Xavier being the third nominee the next week he isn’t HOH.

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