Thursdays are Eviction Day inside the Big Brother 23 house and either Hannah or Whitney will be evicted by the end of tonight. There have been a lot of chats going on inside the Big Brother 2021 house over the last couple of days talking about which one of these ladies should go. Find out who thinks what right here with our Big Brother spoilers and find out who I think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother 23!

Christian’s target this week is Whitney and Hannah has been placed on the block as a pawn. Whitney tried to plead with Christian yesterday that she would work with him and the Kings and that none of them would be on her target because they are some of her favorite people in the house. She told him that if she stayed she would want to target Kyland, but that she would be open to suggestions from the Kings. She told him that in order for her to stay, he would have to tell his team that he wants her to. Christian told her that she had made a lot of great points in their conversation and that he would talk to his team.

When he called the Kings up to the HOH room, he told them that he made Whitney think that there was a possibility that she could stay and that he would talk to the team. He tells them that there has been no change though and that he still wants Whitney to go. They all agreed to vote her out as they planned, but that didn’t stop SB from trying to push the target to Hannah anyway.

This morning, when the HGs all woke up, Britini talked to Azah about the eviction this week. She asks Azah why they are voting out someone who has no one in the house? She added that Hannah has a lot of deep connections in the house and could decide that keeping the Jokers around isn’t wants best for her game. Whitney on the other hand might be willing to work with them if they save her because she doesn’t have anyone else to work with and she would owe them.

While Britini’s way of thinking is probably the way everyone should be thinking, even if all three Jokers voted to keep Whitney in the house, they would still be short 3 votes to evict Hannah. Therefore, we could still expect Whitney to be evicted tonight on Big Brother 23 unless something big happens and the house shifts. 85% of you who voted in my eviction poll agree that Whitney will be evicted also.

Make sure you come back later tonight for my full live recap and my Head of Household spoilers after the first endurance HOH comp of the season takes place!

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