It was Eviction Night in the Big Brother house and after this week’s eviction happened without a twist and the HOH played out, we found out who was at risk for leaving first in this week’s Double Eviction! Get all the details of what went on after the endurance HOH ended and who this week’s HOH plans to target right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

When the feeds came back from the Big Brother live show, we watched as the HGs competed in this week’s endurance comp for HOH. Jessica, Cliff, Christie, Nicole, then Tommy all fell off the wall leaving Jackson as our new HOH.

When the HGs get back inside, Nicole is still crying because she lost. She really wanted that win and pretty upset with herself that she couldn’t hold on longer. Jackson tells Nicole and Cliff that he won that comp because he knew that Tommy would have nominated Cliff and Nicole if he won and he wasn’t going to chance that. He tells them that he and Holly have a F4 with them and he is sticking by that deal.

Jackson mentions that he wanted to throw the comp to Nicole, but Tommy held on too long. Cliff tells Jackson that he doesn’t think that going after Tommy this week would be good for their game. He mentions that if Tommy goes then that leaves only two guys in the house. Jackson confirms with Cliff that he is thinking about nominating Jessica and Christie. Jackson reaffirms with Cliff that he knows him winning this HOH looks bad for him, but he made a F4 with them and he isn’t going to let anyone come after them.

Jackson tells Christie that he is going to have to use her as a pawn to get Jessica out this week. Christie is not happy and is wondering why it has to be her. He tells her that if Jessica is up against Tommy, Tommy will be evicted. He tells her that she isn’t going anywhere this week and that they shook on it and he plans to stick by that. He tells her that he does need to make it look like their deal is over though.

Jackson has a more in-depth conversation with Cliff about his intentions for this week. He tells Cliff that he is thinking Jessica and Christie with Jessica being his target. Cliff tells him that he is worried about Christie and Tommy too and Jackson agrees he is worried about Tommy but they can’t be the only guys left in the house at the end of the week. In this conversation, Cliff says that he thinks if Tommy wins HOH next week, he will take a shot at Christie (they really are delusional).

Holly and Jackson talk later on and they think that getting Jessica out this week would work best for them because then Tommy and Christie will go after Cliff and Nicole instead of the two of them. Keep in mind that Tommy and Christie have both talked about targeting Jackson and Holly, not Cliff and Nicole. Also, Christie is very close to Jessica so Christie is not going to be happy about this plan at all. Jackson has his HOH reveal and then after him and Holly continue to talk about how they are going to convince Jessica that she is a pawn (this isn’t going to go well either).

Nicole apologizes to Jackson for not doing better in this week’s comp so that he could throw it to her. She knows that he didn’t want to win this comp, but had no choice after she fell. He tells her that it’s okay because she will do better in the mental comps than he will so it will balance out. Later, Cliff talks to Nicole about Jackson’s plan to target Jessica and talks a bit about how Cliff and Nicole are more desireable to take to the end because they will be easier to beat in the end. Cliff says that he would personally go after Christie if it was him.

Cliff says that he could go up as a renom if one of the initial noms comes down because he would be safe with Nicole and Holly’s vote (that would tie it and send it to Jackson to break the tie).

We will have confirmation on who Jackson nominates later on today. I will keep you posted with spoilers a little later today.

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