Cracks are continuing to form in the Six Shooters alliance on Big Brother 21, would we be nearing the end of them running the house? Sam has started campaigning and the renom from the POV Ceremony has already started getting paranoid about a flip vote. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house on Tuesday right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

It was a slow start to the day in the Big Brother house with the HGs mostly sitting around the table telling stories about their lives outside the house. Talks turned to what each of their Zingbot zings are going to be and Nick starts to tell everyone what he thinks Zingbot will say. In true Zingbot fashion, they are all pretty trashy. The only one that seemed to rub someone the wrong way was Jackson’s where Nick said in his greatest Zingbot voice, “Jackson, monkey see, monkey do, your BB body count is now at two!” This is obviously a jab at the fact that Jackson has slept with both Kathryn and Holly in such a short period of time.

After this, Sam goes out into the yard with Analyse and they start to talk about his campaign. He apologizes if any drama should start over the next day or two and Analyse tells him that she doesn’t care as long as her name isn’t at the center of it. He tells her that he plans on stirring things up and she dares him to do it. When she goes inside briefly, Sam tells Nick that he plans to blow up Christie’s game in his eviction speech, but Nick doesn’t think that this is going to do anything because Christie is in such a great spot with the six.

Talks turn to Sam telling Nick that according to Analyse, Nick is still on the shortlist for targets inside the house. Sam says that if he doesn’t win HOH, Nick will be sent to Jury next week. Nick wonders if he wins HOH and then doesn’t put one of them up if that will help him regain trust, Sam says he doesn’t think so and that he will be out the following week because he can’t compete in the HOH.

Christie and Tommy’s lame Poison Ivy punishment was over as of yesterday and they were able to join everyone in the backyard again and take showers to get the pink dye off.

Holly has had a rash for a while and the DR told her that they think it might be from the hot tub, but Holly thinks it might be bed bugs because it only happens when she is in the HOH (she clearly doesn’t know about how Jackson puts deodorant on his nether regions). Holly starts washing all the sheets and blankets on the HOH bed in hopes that it will go away. Christie tells her that if it was bed bugs they would have spread all over the house already.

Kathryn talks to Holly later and tells her that she is worried that the votes are going to flip. Holly promises that isn’t going to happen. Kathryn then continues to say that she hopes she wins HOH on Thursday so that she can put Nick up for the inappropriate comments he made about her (the zing). She can’t figure out how he knew about that (that would be because Jackson told everyone).

Holly and Jackson have a talk about Analyse a little later. She is annoyed with Analyse and knows that she is still upset with Holly over the HOH comp. They talk about laying low for a while and hoping that Christie and Jack are targeted first in their alliance. Then Holly says that people in the house might not go after them first because they would be too afraid. She thinks that it will be her and Analyse that go up first and Jackson tells her that Analyse would go in that scenario because she has a terrible attitude. Holly doesn’t think so.

Nick had a conversation with Cliff yesterday about not taking a shot at the big alliance yet. Cliff tells him that if he wants to play it safe, putting Nicole and Jessica up would be his best bet. They both agree that they don’t want Nicole up and that Jessica would be a good target because she won’t be any help to them and seems to be more on the other side anyway. Nick says that his worse case would be for Jack, Analyse, or Jackson to win HOH.

There was a lot of trash-talking about Analyse yesterday. Kathryn, Holly, and Jessica talked about how Analyse’s main gameplay is flirting with all the guys. Holly is annoyed that Analyse has spent the last few days trying to save Sam when she is supposed to support Holly’s choice of targets. Kathryn says that Analyse isn’t playing Big Brother, she’s playing High School Mean Girl.

Jackson started talking to Holly, Kathryn, and Jessica about how he has been perceived as disrespectful to women. He tells Kathryn to let him know if he is ever disrespectful to her and then asks Jessica if she thinks he is disrespectful. Jessica tells him that she is the wrong person to ask, she has older brothers. She does tell him that she thinks that there are other guys in the house that are more disrespectful than Jackson is. Jackson tells them that it breaks his heart that anyone would say he is disrespectful towards women.

Later, Kathryn and Holly have a talk about Jackson’s disrespectful behavior and Holly tells her that it’s his biggest turnoff. Kathryn thinks that Analyse is raising the issue for her own agenda. Kat also tells Holly that Christie wants to renom Jackson with her power. Later Jackson mentions Analyse wanting to stir things up about him because she is trying to split him and Holly up. He thinks that Analyse just wants all the guys to pay attention to her and says that she reminds him of a lot of his exes.

The HGs got a booze delivery which led to a lot of general chit chat. It seems like the majority is going to still vote Sam out going into Thursday’s show. The cracks in the Six Shooters alliance seem to be getting larger and this could make for some interesting moves sooner rather than later. We will have to wait and see. Meanwhile, make sure you vote in our Favorite Big Brother HG poll and I will have results for you later on today! Also, make sure you join me tonight for my Big Brother live recap starting at 9/8c.

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