Tonight on Big Brother 21 we will watch as Holly, Nick, and Sam are joined by three more HGs in the Power of Veto competition. Who will the other POV Players be? Who will be the POV winner? Will the noms change at the POV Ceremony? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details right here! If you don’t want to wait, you can get all the results in our Big Brother spoilers!

We started this episode of Big Brother 21 off with the fallout from the nomination ceremony. Nick isn’t shocked that he is on the block, but Sam is pretty upset by this. Nick and Sam talk about who their best POV players would be and Nick thinks it’s Cliff, Jess, and Nicole because they can be beaten. Meanwhile, Cliff, Nicole, and Jess are talking about how their best bet is for noms to stay the same so that one of them don’t end up on the block.

Kat, Holly, Analyse, Christie are all talking about the POV. Kat tells them that she will go up as a pawn if someone wins the POV because Holly wouldn’t get her hands dirty and they can hide how close Kat is to them.

It is time to pick players for the POV! Holly picks Tommy, Sam picks HG Choice and chooses Cliff to play for him and Nick picks Jessica. Holly also has to pick a host and she chooses Jack. This is probably the best-case scenario for Nick and Sam.

When it’s time for the POV, Jack comes out of the DR dresses as Little Bo Peep. In this comp, the HGs will have to go head to head and herd sheep into a pen that add up to the target number on the barn. Each sheep is wearing a vest with a number on it. Here are the results by round:

  1. Nick vs Jessica – Nick wins, Jessica is eliminated.
  2. Holly vs Sam – Holly wins, Sam is eliminated.
  3. Cliff vs Tommy – Tommy wins, Cliff is eliminated.
  4. Nick vs Holly – Nick wins, Holly is eliminated.
  5. Nick vs Tommy – Nick wins, Tommy is eliminated.

Nick has won the POV! Now Holly has to figure out a renom. Meanwhile, it’s time for Christie and Tommy to get their “poison ivy treatment” which is then being covered head to toe in calamine lotion. They are bright pink.

Sam asks Holly to talk and he tells her that the only thing he can think to do is tell her what he can offer her in this game. He tells her that he has never and will never go after her. He asks her if there is another target in the house that can go up against him that he has a shot beating? She tells her that the only person that has shaken the house is Nicole. She tells him that she never wanted to be the one to send him home.

Holly tells Tommy and Christie that she wants to put Nicole on the block next to Sam and just let the house decide. Tommy tells her that it’s her HOH and he will do what he wants her to. Christie tells Holly that Nicole isn’t a threat because she isn’t winning the next HOH. Tommy and Christie then go to Analyse and tell her that they think that they are getting played.

Analyse tells Holly and Jackson that Christie and Tommy think that Holly and Jackson are trying to keep Sam around. She says that they don’t understand why Holly and Jackson would want to keep Sam in the house with Nick. Jackson goes to talk to Christie and Tommy to make sure that they know that he isn’t working with Nick and Sam. Holly walks in and she is annoyed with Jackson for talking to them when she told him not to and he storms out of the room. Christie and Tommy assure Holly that they don’t think she is working with Nick and Sam.

Holly tells us that she feels better about talking to Christie and Tommy, but she is worried about Analyse. Holly goes back outside and tells Jackson and Kat that she doesn’t like how sneaky Analyse is being.

It is now time for the POV Ceremony. Nick obviously uses the POV on himself and Holly did the safe thing and put Kat up next to Sam to ensure that Sam would go home this week.

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