As we saw on the last episode of Big Brother, Christie is in the HOH, her noms have been set, the POV players have been picked and the comp has been played. Now it is time for the POV winner to decide what to do with the POV on Big Brother 21! If you want to know what happened at the POV Ceremony, keep reading our Big Brother spoilers below!

Christie is the HOH and put Cliff and Kathryn on the block this week. Her original plan was to take Kathryn out this week, then she was going to BD Kemi, but now it seems like she could go completely rogue and put someone completely different on the block.

Christie was set to BD Kemi, but she has been really worried about not playing her own game. Taking Kemi out doesn’t help Christie’s game in the least big, especially because Kemi seems to really like Christie. Kemi has been oblivious to the plan of BD’ing her this whole time and Christie decided she wanted to make a move that wouldn’t pin Nick and Isabella Isabella against her. I mean, why would you want to purposely upset two people in your alliance?

So what happened at the POV Ceremony? The results are in!

POV Ceremony Results for Week 1:

  • Sam used the POV on Cliff
  • Christie renom’d Ovi
  • Kathryn and Ovi are the final noms for week 1

Christie figured going after Ovi would be the best move for her game right now and I think at this point she wouldn’t mind seeing Kathryn go either. Ovi isn’t really that close to anyone in the house and Kathryn’s paranoia is starting to get on everyone’s nerves. I think at this point Ovi is the real target, but as we know, anything can happen inside the Big Brother house. Especially with a power in play and no one seems to know where it is.

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