With only two days left until the first live vote and eviction on Big Brother 22, one of the nominees has yet to do any campaigning. However, there is someone in the house campaigning for one nominee to stay over the other, will that backfire? You’ll have to read our Big Brother spoilers from the BB22 live feeds to get the details!

The first conversation we got to listen in on was between Dani and Cody up in the HOH Bathroom. They were comparing notes on the other HGs and Cody mentions that Enzo makes him a little nervous. He tells her that Enzo keeps mentioning the “winners” in the house and Nicole F is one of two (Ian being the other one). Talks change to HOH next week and they both think that Enzo will throw it, but Day, Tyler, and Franzel will play to win. Cody says that if Kaysar should win HOH, he (C) is going to have to play in the Safety Suite comp. Cody adds that if he wins it, he would choose Kevin with his plus one because it would be less likely to throw anyone off.

Cody and Day are able to touch base after his conversation with Dani. He tells Day that he is worried about keeping Keesha over Kevin. They both agree that they don’t know where Keesha’s head is at game-wise. Cody thinks that Kevin and Janelle are really close. Talks turn to Kaysar and how he is paranoid that Cody is coming for him and how Cody hopes that Kaysar doesn’t win HOH next week.

Christmas and Memphis get a chance to touch base and she tells him that Cody is in (with the alliance idea) and tells him about the conversation she had with Cody the night before. Memphis tells Christmas that he will fill Dani and Tyler in.

Janelle and Nicole A (I’m gonna call her NicA) were talking in the lounge. Janelle was campaigning on Keesha’s behalf. NicA tells her that she is worried that if she keeps Keesha in the house, she and Janelle are going to be like “haha” and screw her over. Janelle tells her that’s just her being paranoid and that they would never do that. Talks then turn to Franzel and NicA tells Janelle that she thinks Franzel likes her as a person, but Franzel mentioned that NicA’s co-host doesn’t like her. NicA mentions that her co-host is always poking fun at Franzel on their show and she hopes that doesn’t cause Franzel to want to target NicA.

NicA chats with Cody a little later and tells him that she has had a chance to talk to both noms and is leaning more towards keeping Kevin. Cody tells NicA that Kevin is less likely to come after him and NicA says that Keesha is most likely going to have a vendetta.

David and Janelle talk in the kitchen and David tells her that at first, it looked like the votes were leaning in Keesha’s favor, now they seem to be leaning in Kevin’s favor. David also mentions that things change so fast in the BB house. People start walking in and out of the kitchen and Janelle is just sitting there waiting for the opportunity to campaign to him for Keesha. She gets frustrated and leaves the room.

There was a funny conversation between NicA and David in the storage room yesterday. They were looking for food and saw a watermelon on the counter. NicA tells David that they need to find the stool from last year and baptize it in the pool and then after the baptism they can smash a watermelon as their way of cleansing themselves from last season.

Janelle tells Kaysar that Keesha is really bad at campaigning. She goes to people and tells them things like she won’t eat their food if they keep her in the house.

Janelle and Dani talk and Janelle mentions that she doesn’t think that anyone in the house suspects that they are working together. They talk about how Christmas is a “guys-girl” and add that she is a beast, but they are worried that one day she is just going to lose it on them. Dani says “okay, then let’s get her the hell out of here.” and Janelle agrees. They talk about how NicA is the type of person to just do whatever anyone tells her to. They both think that Keesha and Kevin are alone in the house (even though Janelle is doing all her campaigning).

Franzel and Chrsitmas are talking in the upstairs lounge area and Christmas mentions that she is having a hard time getting close to Janelle and Dani. She adds that Janelle as a player kind of scares her. Franzel tells Christmas that she thinks Bay, Day, Kaysar, Kevin, and NicA are all working together. After her conversation with Christmas, Franzel tells Dani that Christmas is still a little unsure about her and Dani tells her she will touch base with Christmas again.

Throughout the afternoon, the HGs kept mentioning that it was “test day” for COVID. Janelle says that she was told if someone tests positive then they will get removed from the game. Enzo says that if someone tests positive, the season is done. She said “no, only that person will be removed” and Memphis tells her that it’s so contagious that if one of them has it, they all do.

Dani and Tyler talk about how they are comfortable working with each other and they are good with the six-person alliance they have going. Talks turn to the vote and they both agree that they want to keep Kevin over Keesha this week.

Janelle talks to Keesha and tells her that she has her vote, but Keesha needs to hang out with other people and talk to them in order to try and get their votes too. Later on, Keesha tells Janelle that she thinks she is screwed because no one is telling her anything. Janelle tells her that she doesn’t think everyone has made up their mind yet.

Kevin talks to NicA later on that night and he tells her that he is worried that Janelle, Kaysar, and Memphis are all campaigning against Kevin. NicA tells him that she thinks so too, but that he has Ian’s vote. She adds that he also has her vote no matter what and he is her F2.

Dani and Day talk about Kaysar and Janelle being a duo. Day says that it’s definitely possible and also very dangerous. Dani says it’s not possible, it’s obvious that it’s a thing. Day says that no one will ever be able to get in between that and Dani adds that Janelle is really good at this game on many levels.

Tyler and Christmas talk about this six-person alliance. He tells her that if no one shares anything with them when they meet for the first time, then they know that the alliance isn’t legit.

Tyler and Cody talk and Cody tells Tyler that the person in the house he feels most comfortable working with is Tyler. He says that he will have Tyler’s back. He also tells Tyler that Dani told him Kaysar was nervous after their first talk and cody worries that Kaysar might come after him. Tyler tells Cody that Kaysar told him he wanted to work with the two of them.

The HGs got beer and wine last night and hung out in the yard for a while just socializing. Bay and Janelle have a chance to chat and Bay tells Janelle that it looks like the vote is leaning in Kevin’s favor. Janelle tells Bay that she thinks that NicA will vote to keep Keesha, but Bay tells her she thinks NicA is voting for Kevin. Janelle tells Bay that Cody and Franzel are working together and it looks like Christmas and Kevin are close. Bay mentions that NicA is supporting Kevin, but Janelle thinks it’s just because they are both HNs.

Cody has a chance to talk to Kaysar. Kaysar tells Cody that they should target the “neutral” players like Kevin. Cody asks Kaysar what he said that made him so nervous in the beginning and swears that Kaysar and Janelle were never his targets. Cody also adds that he wants to keep Kevin because he will likely be a vote for him later.

NicA pitches a five-person alliance to Kevin with them, Ian, Bay, and David. NicA mentions that she is close to Janelle and Kaysar so that could help them if either of them win the HOH. NicA and Kevin compare notes about the votes and NicA said that Cody told her he wanted Kevin to stay this week, Kevin mentioned that Tyler pulled him aside and told him he had Tyler’s vote. After Kevin went inside, NicA camtalked that Keesha staying wouldn’t be the worst thing, but she would prefer Kevin for her game.

Keesha better get on the ball with campaigning if she plans to try and secure any votes this week. As of right now it’s looking like Kevin will stay just because Keesha hasn’t done any of her own campaigning. Janelle is putting a target on her back with a lot of people right now because of her push for Keesha. She is going to need to calm that down if she expects to make it past next week’s eviction.

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