It was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 22 house! There was a lot of excitement as the power in the house shifted and there is a chance that something big could happen at Monday’s Power of Veto Ceremony! Get all of your Big Brother spoilers right here from our Big Brother live feeds recap!

The HGs were woken up at 7:30 AM BBT and spent the morning getting ready for the POV Player draw. The POV Players were picked about an hour and a half later and when the feeds came back up we saw that Dani, Kevin, and Tyler were going to be joined by Day, Ian, and Enzo in the POV Comp.

Enzo and Cody talked about how hard they should fight Dani on wanting Tyler out this week. Enzo says that they have the votes to keep him, but Cody says they have to do it in a way that Dani doesn’t feel betrayed by them. Cody wants to find a way to convince Dani that Kevin is a threat. Cody tells Enzo that Nicole tells him everything she and Dani talk about and thinks that Dani is trying to pull off something big here. Enzo says that if Tyler wins HOH, Dani should put Christmas up in his place, but Cody doesn’t think they should send Christmas out just yet.

Dani talks to Day and promises her that she is not even in Dani’s mind as a renom. She adds that she would really like to see noms stay the same this week.

Dani tells Nicole that Tyler is all over the place because first, he was telling Day that Dani was coming after her and now he is trying to convince Dani to actually go after her.

The feeds cut for about two and a half hours for the POV Comp and when they come back, we find out that Da’Vonne won this week’s Power of Veto! This is Day’s first competition win in Big Brother. As soon as the feeds come back up, Christmas and Nicole were in the storage room already plotting as to how they can make sure it doesn’t get used.

Tyler is worried that if Day uses the POV on Kevin, Dani will renom Enzo. Tyler suggests that the alliance stage a fight so that it looks like Tyler is on the outs that way Day doesn’t feel like she needs to use the POV.

David told Kevin that he won the power that was used to save him and tells Kevin that he is thinking about telling Day too. David then goes to find Day who is in the storage room. He asks her if she is planning to use the POV on Kevin and she says she isn’t sure yet. He reveals to her about his power and that he was the one who saved himself. After David leaves the storage room, Day camtalks about how she is never telling David anything.

Day goes to Dani and tells Dani that she really doesn’t want to lose Kevin and adds that she knows there is a big alliance in the house that doesn’t include her, David, and Kevin. Day also revealed that she knows Christmas has a power because she was right next to her when it happened. Day tells Dani that she wants to use the POV on Kevin and Dani tells her that she needs a pawn volunteer.

Christmas talked to Dani and suggests that Dani could use Ian or Enzo as a renom option.

Later on, Kevin warned Day that the HGs are trying to give him a false sense of security in order to convince Day not to use the POV.

Tyler swears to Day that he doesn’t have a power that will keep him safe this week. He adds that he doesn’t think that he has the votes to stay this week because he doesn’t think Christmas or Memphis will vote for him. Day tells Tyler that he told her Dani was coming after her, so why should Day care if she is forcing Dani to make another nomination? Day tells Tyler that she will tell him ahead of time what she decides.

Dani tells Nicole that she thinks Day is going to use the POV. She also tells Nicole that Day warned her that Christmas has the other power. Dani is hoping that Day doesn’t use the POV and Tyler still goes home. Dani then questioned Nicole about telling Tyler that Dani was paranoid that Tyler threw the comp to her thinking he was safe. Nicole says that she didn’t tell Tyler that, she told that to Cody. She tries to pin it on Cody, but Dani tells her that Cody said he didn’t hear that story.

Dani goes to get Cody. Nicole is clearly stressing about it while Dani is gone and says that Tyler is so dumb. She hopes that Cody covers for her because Dani will forgive him, but not her. After not being able to grab Cody, she goes back up to the HOH. Nicole is trying to cover her tracks. Nicole tells Dani that she will vote Tyler out if that’s what she wants.

Christmas tells Memphis that she doesn’t think that Dani will put up Ian, but she might go for Enzo as a renom. Memphis says that if Dani is willing to put Enzo up before she is willing to put Ian up, then he has a huge problem.

Nicole tells Dani that if she won HOH, she would nominate Christmas, but Dani reminds her that they will have to wait because Christmas has a power. Dani says that she plans to convince Day not to use it, but if she does, she will just renom Ian.

Kevin and Day talk about what everyone is telling them and how everyone is so quick to tell them that Kevin is safe. Kevin mentions that the house didn’t lie this quickly to Kaysar or Janelle. They don’t believe what everyone is telling them.

Christmas tells Tyler and Cody that she is frustrated that Dani won’t tell any of them what she talked to Day about earlier in the day.

Dani is worried that there is something bothering Memphis because he is acting like everything is okay, but there is clearly something wrong. Dani is also worried about how Christmas is going to take Dani targeting Tyler this week and tells Nicole that she has to try and get Day not to use the POV again.

Cody and Dani talk about renom options if Day uses the POV. They talk about Ian as an option, but Cody tells her that if Ian is on the block next to Tyler, he expects that Ian will go home. Cody talks about if he wins HOH he is putting Kevin and David up and Dani mentions that she wants Christmas gone. She says that once the powers are over, Christmas has to go. Dani wants Kevin, David, Christmas, and Tyler as the next four out after Ian goes this week.

There seems to be a lot of questions about who the target will be if Day uses the POV this week on Kevin. I don’t think that Dani is sold on Ian being the target after she has told Ian time and time again that getting rid of him doesn’t do anything for her game. Is Dani just blowing smoke at Cody about being okay with Ian going? We will find out soon enough!

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