It was Nomination Day in the Big Brother house and after the HOH held their one on ones with the others, there was some downtime before the Nomination Ceremony. The HGs speculated who this week’s target would be but with the HOH not giving out any information, no one really knows. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Friday’s Big Brother live feeds right here!

We started the day with Kevin talking to his husband telling him about how he thinks that David is a liar. He’s convinced that because he overacted his reaction when Day asked him about his vote that he was the one who flipped (as we know, Nicole was). He talks about how he thinks that the only thing that might save him from the block this week is the fact that he had a conversation with Memphis prior to the HOH comp where they told each other they wouldn’t nominate each other if they won. He says he knows that nothing is guaranteed, but he thinks it could have helped.

David walks into the bathroom where Day and Kevin are getting ready for the day and David asks her if they are going to talk about yesterday. She says no and walks out of the room. Kevin is surprised when David tells him that they haven’t talked about what happened. David tells Kevin that the three of them are getting outplayed and that Nicole was the one who flipped her vote. David tells Kevin to think about it, they had been planting seeds all week trying to get the three of them to argue.

Memphis talks to Christmas about how David has no idea what he’s doing in this game. He tells Christmas that David came up to him and said something about how this was Memphis’ second HOH win and that it should have been his. Christmas agrees that he doesn’t know what he’s doing and adds that he is taking direction from Da’Vonne (implying that she also doesn’t know what she is doing). Christmas tells Memphis that he doesn’t have to worry about one of the two powers because she has it. She tells him all about her power.

Memphis then goes into his speech that he had then given to every member of The Committee. He tells Christmas he has a plan, but he isn’t telling anyone his plan because everyone in the house likes to talk. He tells her that the members of the alliance are safe and says that when Thursday comes he hopes that everyone votes the way that he wants.

Talks then turn to how Tyler scares Memphis in this game and that they are going to have to cut him at F7 or F6. They talk about how he would really like to talk more with her about their path to the F2 and Christmas asks who his ideal F4 is. Memphis tells her it would be him, Christmas, Enzo, and possibily someone like Nicole.

Cody then comes in and Memphis has the same talk with him about his plan and also gives him a path to F2 speech too. He tells Cody that he would really like to bring Enzo in and make an official F3 with them two, but he wants Cody to be his F2 in this. Enzo just so happens to come upstairs and they make a F3 deal official and Memphis calls them The Wise Guys.

Cody leaves the room and Memphis tells Enzo that the real Wise Guys are the two of them and Christmas. He tells Enzo that the two of them are F2 and that he would really like to see him, Enzo, and Christmas make to to F3 together. Then Christmas comes back in and Memphis tells her that they are The Wise Guys. So let me summarize because it was confusing to watch too. Memphis, in a matter of 5 minutes, made two different F3s named the same thing and made three different F2s.

Christmas told Tyler that she told Memphis about her power and Tyler is shocked that she told someone. Tyler tells her that she should tell anyone else and she says that if it gets out at least she knows where it would be coming from. (No she doesn’t, because Dani and Nicole know that Christmas have a power too)

Memphis tells Dani about how he has this plan, but it’s a secret. They agree that Tyler is a big threat in this game and Dani tells Memphis not to tell Christmas that (he already did). She tells him about when she was HOH and Tyler was in the HOH listening to music and she went outside. She said she got to the bottom of the stairs and heard her door close. She asked Ian to grab something from her room for her and he told her that Christmas and Tyler were in the HOH talking.

Memphis gives Nicole the same story about his secret plan. Then Kevin comes in and Memphis tells him that he has six people he’s mulling over. He tells Day the same thing as Kevin, but also tells her that her being in the house is part of his plan for the near future. Meanwhile, Nicole and Dani are comparing notes about their conversations with Memphis and Cody and Enzo are doing the same in another room.

Memphis talks to Tyler and tells him the story about the secret plan. Tyler tells Memphis that there is a major rift between Day, Kevin and David. He tells Memphis about how they all voted to keep Ian but are trying to convince Tyler that the only one who voted to keep Ian was David.

It’s David’s turn and he gets a completely different talk with Memphis. They sit down and Memphis tells him that he knows David has always wanted a seat at the table so here is the deal. He tells him this is a straight up business deal and once they shake on it, it’s done. He tells David that if David plays in the POV and wins, as long as he promises now not to use it and to keep noms the same, David won’t see the block this week. (I think what Memphis fails to remember is that if David plays and wins, but uses it then David can’t see the block anyways) He tells David that no one knows about this deal and if it gets out, David will be public enemy #1. David shakes his hand and agrees to the terms of their deal.

The HGs took a break from all the nomination talks to celebrate Kevin’s birthday. Christmas made him some cupcakes and wrote “Happy 41st BDay Kevin BB22”

The feeds went down for noms and when they came back we found out that Memphis had nominated Kevin and Day. Apparently Memphis told Day that she was on for using the POV last week on Kevin. Kevin tells her she feels bad because he is the reason she is on the block and she tells him not to feel bad. Kevin tells her that Memphis’ reason is such a cop out excuse.

Nicole tells Kevin and Day that she is surprised that David wasn’t put up and Day tells her she is too, but not really because they are all working together. Nicole tells her that would explain why they were set up with the vote. Nicole leaves the room and Kevin tells Day that they always expected a big alliance in the house and this confirms it. Day wonders if they are just Memphis’ pawns and if he has this big plan to BD someone. She says she is trying to stay hopeful. Day is still confused as to why Memphis didn’t put up David. She wonders if David is a BD plan and Kevin wonders if David got a temporary membership into the big alliance.

There was a conversation between Dani and Day where Dani asks Day if David is working with the guys. Day says that unless Memphis plans to BD him, he must be. Day tells Dani that her and Kevin have this theory that maybe Cody, Tyler, and Enzo are the core and David and Memphis are the plus ones to that group. Talks turn to whether or not Nicole voted Ian out and Dani says definitely not.

Kevin walks in and thanks Day for using the POV on him last week and being a testament to using your power even when someone tells you not to. Dani is sitting right there. Christmas sees the three of them in the lounge talking and runs right up to the HOH to tell Memphis all about it. Memphis tells her that Dani is trying to mend things and they agree that they don’t understand Dani’s gameplay (ummmm it’s called Jury Management, maybe you should try it).

A 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit the BB house last night at around 11:40 PM BBT. The HGs scattered and the feeds cut, when they came back all of the HGs were okay.

As we suspected, the nominations were Kevin and Day. Today they have a chance to playing and winning the POV. If one of them win, I have no idea what Memphis will do since he has promised not to put David on the block this week. Let’s hope for a win from one of the noms to make things interesting! I’ll have spoilers for you later.

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