Tonight on Big Brother 22, we will watch as this week’s Power of Veto competition plays out and find out which of the Big Brother All-Stars will be the sole vote at Thursday night’s eviction. If you don’t want to wait to find out the results, you can get all the details with our Big Brother spoilers! Otherwise, you can refresh this page frequently to follow along as the episode airs and join the conversation in the comments below!

We started tonight’s episode off with the aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony. Nicole is in the kitchen cooking, while Christmas is sitting at the table. Nicole asked if she was okay and Christmas ignored her. Christmas leaves the room and goes to the bedroom and Cody walked by her. Cody goes into the kitchen to ask Nicole if Christmas is livid and she tells him about how she refuses to talk to anyone. We then get a look at her lying in bed crying hysterically.

We get a look at a surprise luxury comp. The HGs get to pick four of the BB Comics from this season and the comics will then go head to head. The HG with the winning comic will win $10k. I’m sorry, but this is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Christmas was the first HG to have all her comics eliminated. Enzo is eliminated shortly after and then Cody after that. Which means that Nicole has won $10k after this surprise luxury comp. Christmas then goes on to cry in the love room because she felt like she betrayed Memphis by not picking his comic.

There was some filler content, nothing really worth talking about here. We watched as Christmas waxed Cody’s eyebrows and watched as Enzo did commentary on things going on in the kitchen while watching on the tv in the HOH.

It is now time for the final POV Competition of the season. In this competition, the HGs will be given an event and have to use a hamster wheel to lock in the day number it happened on. Here is the order the HGs answered:

  1. Nicole, Cody, and then Enzo. Christmas got her first strike.
  2. Cody, Nicole, and then Christmas. Enzo got his first strike.
  3. Christmas, Cody, and then Nicole. Enzo got his second strike.
  4. Nicole, Cody, Christmas. Enzo got his third strike and is eliminated.
  5. Cody and then Nicole. Christmas got her second strike.
  6. Christmas and then Cody. Nicole got her first strike.
  7. Cody and then Nicole. Christmas received her third strike and is eliminated.
  8. Nicole answered first, Cody got his first strike.
  9. Cody answered first, Nicole got her second strike.
  10. Cody answered first, Nicole got her third strike and is eliminated.

That means that Cody has won the final POV Competition of Big Brother All-Stars. We will see the POV Ceremony live tomorrow night right before the live vote happens.

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