After Janelle was evicted from the Big Brother 22 house, a new HOH was named and we officially kicked off week 4 of Big Brother All-Stars! Now it’s time to find out which two HGs are on the chopping block and in danger of walking out of the Big Brother house after Thursday night’s live eviction. Keep reading out Big Brother Spoilers for the details!

As we all know, Enzo went on to win the Head of Household competition last night after the live eviction show aired. He has been talking about his plan to put Kaysar up because that’s what the house wants and a pawn to ensure that Kaysar will actually be evicted if the noms stay the same after Saturday’s Power of Veto competition.

There have been a couple of names thrown out there for pawn options. One of them is Kevin and as we all know from week one, this is not going to go over well at all because Kevin wasn’t given a warning beforehand. David’s name has been thrown around by numerous people, but Enzo says that ultimately, it’s his decision who goes up next to Kaysar.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to find out which of the remaining Big Brother HGs were nominated for eviction by Enzo for week 4 of Big Brother. Here we go:

Nominations for Week 4 of Big Brother 22 are:

  • Kaysar
  • Kevin

There you have it, folks, there is going to be another meltdown in the house! Let’s hope that Kaysar wins POV on Saturday so we can see some real action! I’ll keep you all posted on the happenings inside the house with my Live Feed recaps posted every morning and my POV spoilers coming up throughout the day tomorrow.

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