Now that we have said goodbye to Janelle on Big Brother 22, it is time to find out which of the remaining Big Brother All-Stars won the HOH for Week 4! If you missed any of the action inside the house and want to catch up on some of the live feeds information, check out our Big Brother spoilers for the details. Otherwise, find out which HG is in power this week right here!

In this week’s Head of Household competition, the HGs had to roll three balls to the top of a ramp. At the top of the ramp were three holes that the balls had to land in. The HGs were split into two groups of six and were told that three HGs from each group would move onto the final round. As tonight’s show went off the air, we saw that Kaysar secured a spot in the final round by sinking all three balls into the holes.

Now that the feeds have come back up, we now know which HG won this week’s HOH competition. Here are the results:

The HOH for Week 4 of Big Brother All-Stars is:

  • Enzo

I’m not sure how I feel about this HOH. He has said that he would put David and Kaysar up, but he also said that he would vote Janelle and NicA out and well that didn’t happen either. Enzo definitely marches to the beat of a different drum and I wouldn’t be surprised if he went for the Bay and Day combo either. We shall see! I will have spoilers for you tomorrow morning about the conversations that happen tonight on the feeds and nom spoilers later in the day tomorrow too! Stay tuned!

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