It is officially week 5 on Big Brother All-Stars and Christmas is our Head of Household. The twist competition has been played and we know the details of two of the three powers at this point. Find out who won the powers right here with our Big Brother spoilers for you. In the meantime, let’s find out which two Big Brother 22 HGs Christmas put on the block!

With Christmas in the HOH, there have been talks about putting Bay and Day on the block. There was a heated altercation between Dani and Bay about Bay and Day targeting Nicole and Dani and vice versa. After this exchange, there was a chat between Day, Dani, and Nicole about the source behind the information and when they compared notes, come to find out they had a common source. Tyler!

When that information got back to Christmas, it didn’t seem to bother her. Dani and Nicole were clearly bothered by this information and they brought up the idea of maybe BDing Tyler. Christmas wasn’t okay with that plan though, she doesn’t want to start taking out alliance members just yet. Now that the Nomination Ceremony has happened, we can confirm who this week’s nominations are!

Nominations for Week 5 are:

  • Bayleigh
  • Da’Vonne

After the feeds came back up from the Nomination Ceremony, Christmas went upstairs to cry to Cody. Bay and Day were in the comic bedroom crying. Everyone was crying. There is a Power of Veto to be played tomorrow and the powers are all in play. None of the powers we know about right now will help Bay or Day, but there is still a third power that could help if one of their allies has it. We shall see what happens!

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