The Power of Veto Ceremony has happened and we now have confirmation on who the final nominations are for week 2! Will either Nicole A or David come off the block? Will a replacement nominee have to be named? Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out all the details of this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony.

This week Memphis finds himself in unfamiliar territory after winning the HOH competition on Thursday night. Memphis was toying with the idea of backdooring Ian this week, but when Christmas went on to win the Safety Suite and then picked Ian as her plus one, that killed the plan and Memphis had to rethink things slightly.

During the Nomination Ceremony on Friday, he named Nicole Anthony and David Alexander as his nominations for eviction. Memphis, David, and Nicole A were then joined by Tyler, Ian, and Nicole F for this week’s POV Competiton which took place in the house on Saturday. Memphis went on to win the POV Compeititon and now it is up to him to decide whether is going to keep his nominations the same, or BD someone else in the house.

There have been plenty of named thrown at him by various HGs, but the question remains, but he has vowed that he will not backdoor anyone in the house on week 2. The question remains, will he stick to his plan to not BD anyone this early in the game or will he change his mind and go after a larger target?

The POV Ceremony Results are:

  • Memphis did not use the POV
  • Final noms for week 2 are Nicole A and David

There you have it. Looks like either Nicole A or David will be evicted from the Big Brother house this Thursday. Keep an eye out for our daily live feed recaps to get the latest on the vote count and what everyone in the house is thinking of doing come eviction night!

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