It is Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 22 house and we have a new HOH in power with new noms on the chopping block. However, this week’s HOH has something planned that both of the noms have now been made aware of. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds right here for all the details!

With Memphis in the HOH spot and Da’Vonne and Kevin sitting in the nomination chairs this week, everyone in The Committee and the noms have been made aware of a different plan. Right after we found out that Nicole, Dani, and Tyler were picked to play in this week’s Power of Veto competition, we watched as Memphis finally let someone in on his plan for the week.

Memphis’ plan for the week is to have one of the noms come down so that he can BD David. Here is where the plan might go awry…Cody has made it clear that he doesn’t want David to be voted out this week and several other HGs have also said that if David is next to Kevin at the end of the week that they would vote Kevin out over David. If Day is on the block next to David come Thursday, it seems as though some of the HGs might be tempted to get rid of her too.

So let’s find out who won this week’s POV competition, shall we?

The POV Winner for Week 7 is:

  • Tyler

After the POV, Memphis and Tyler had a heated conversation in the lounge with Tyler about how Dani didn’t throw it like she said she was going to which makes him think that she has something going on with Day. Memphis is also upset because Tyler doesn’t want to use the POV this week and says that if he knew it was going to go down like this, he would have put David up to begin with. This could be interesting!

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