Thursday night we said goodnight to another Big Brother All-Star and found out which houseguests made it to Final 3! If you missed what happened on Thursday’s eviction episode, you can get all the details right here! Otherwise, you can keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out which of the F3 HGs went on to win round 1 of the final HOH for Big Brother 22!

Thursday night, we said goodbye to Christmas after Cody, the winner of the final POV, decided that it was best for his game to honor his F2 deal with Nicole. That leaves Nicole, Cody, and Enzo in the F3 and after the live eviction show went off the air, they have battled it out in the first round of the final HOH. Are you ready to find out which of the F3 HGs went on to win the first round? Here are your Big Brother spoilers:

The Winner of R1 of the Final HOH is:

  • Nicole

This was an endurance comp where they were hanging from ropes with discs and as they spin, they got slammed into something. When the feeds come back up, Cody and Enzo are in the kitchen talking very little about the comp and Nicole is in the shower. Enzo mentions that he got motion sick from the spinning. When Cody goes to shower, Enzo says “Endurance is not my thing. This is my fate, this is my destiny, and now I have to beat Cody.”

Enzo and Cody will go on to play in part two of the final HOH and then whoever wins that will go head to head against Nicole in round 3. Stay tuned for spoilers as they come throughout the next few days!

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