After Thursday night’s pre-taped eviction show, the Big Brother 23 live feeds came back up earlier than expected. Since all the action actually happened inside the house on Wednesday, it was a pretty calm night, but we did get some information out of the Big Brother 2021 houseguests. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night’s live feeds right here to find out who is HOH, who they nominated, and who might have messed up their game a bit.

The feeds came back up right after the show aired on the east coast. When they came back up we saw Derek and Kyland in the kitchen preparing dinner and Azah in the yacht room reading her bible. We do get a quick glimpse of Xavier in the HOH room which led us to believe he was the HOH and it was later confirmed that he was in fact the Final 4 HOH.

Derek tells Kyland that lucky for him, Azah won’t take him to F3 now if she wins Power of Veto this week. It took some time to find out why Azah was upset with Derek, but Derek tells Kyland and Xavier that he apparently told Azah that he had deals with Kyland and Xavier. She had asked if it was a F3 deal and he told her no, they are separate deals and he doesn’t know what Kyland and Xavier are planning or if they have any deals in place.

Azah joined Xavier in the HOH room for some chatting and cuddling. They talk about how the future comps might go and Xavier has an argument with one of the cameras in his room. Not going to lie, it was a pretty funny spat with the camera. This was when Xavier confirmed he was HOH by telling the camera that “as your HOH” he demands her attention (he named the camera Sonia).

Derek tells Azah that if he wins Veto, he doesn’t know what he is going to do. He tells her that he isn’t set on bringing Kyland to F3. Azah gets called to the Diary Room. Xavier and Kyland come into the living room and Derek is going on about how Azah is pissed at him and thinks he shot himself in the foot with her. Xavier tells him that he really doesn’t think that Azah would let that get in between her taking him to F3.

Derek tells Xavier that he doesn’t know what to do because Azah told him that her plan was always to go to the end with him and Xavier tells him to drop it because the more he talks about it the more damage it’s going to do.

During that conversation, Derek confirmed that he wasn’t on the block and Azah came out of the DR singing their “I’m on the block again” song and Xavier laughs about it because it’s the first time she’s been on the block.

Kyland joins Xavier upstairs after their dinner and congratulates him on his HOH win. He tells Xavier that he is excited that they made it to F3 with Xavier’s win. Derek comes up and takes his turn with Xavier to chat and Kyland leaves. Derek complains about Azah being so emotional and then complains about Kyland playing both sides.

Later, Kyland and Derek talked in the Storage Room and Kyland is letting Derek know that he doesn’t have any negative feelings towards him. Kyland also lets Derek know that he is worried if Derek wins the Veto that he would take Azah over him to F3.

Before heading to bed, Azah tells Derek that she felt disrespected during her HOH because Kyland used the Veto without even talking to her first. She also mentions that she thinks that Kyland made a mistake evicting Tiffany during his HOH. She says that if they make it to F3, it’s going to be because of their loyalty.

Typically the Veto competition would take place on Saturday, however, the HGs mentioned a couple of times last night that the Veto will be happening today. Be on the lookout for Veto Competition results coming either today or tomorrow. It all comes down to who wins the finale Veto comp of the summer.  If anyone but Xavier wins the final Veto, they will get to choose who they bring to F3 with their vote. If Xavier wins, he will be able to choose one of the HGs to bring to F3 with him by giving the only vote to them.

Who would you like to see win the final Power of Veto competition of Big Brother 23?

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