Sunday kicked off Finale Week inside the Big Brother 23 house and there isn’t much left to do but wait it out. Find out what the Final 3 did on this lazy Sunday right here with our Big Brother 2021 live feeds recap. Also, make sure you check out my Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up on who won Round 1 and Round 2 of the Final Head of Household competition!

I’m honestly not sure what to tell you guys about Sunday. Xavier got up early and did some studying of the Memory Wall before Azah and Derek woke up. The HGs were up and down all morning until they got their actual wake-up call at 10:15 AM BBT. The only one that actually got up was Xavier and he was sitting at the Memory Wall studying again.

Azah and Xavier talked while Derek was in the DR yesterday about F2. Azah wonders if Derek is Xavier’s best option for F2, putting deals aside. Xavier says that it depends on if the Jury takes some of the things he says seriously like how transparent he was and how he was responsible for putting the Cookout together. Xavier also tells Azah that even if he is against Azah, she has a lot of good arguments too. He says that he honestly thinks that he could lose to either one of them. (He is thinking about whether the Jury is going to be bitter or not.)

Azah tells Xavier that she would be very happy if Xavier won and implies that she could take Xavier to F2 if she won. Xavier mentions that he thinks that whoever won the first two comps, should be the ones sitting in the two chairs at the end. That way there isn’t any bad blood or hurt feelings. Xavier talks about how Derek thinks that he carried her, but now they are carrying him, but he won’t belittle him by telling him that like Derek has to her. He also tells her that he is worried that if he wins the final round and takes Derek to F2, it might bite him in the ass. He tells Azah that he is considering his options.

Other than that, there wasn’t much game talk inside the house. There was a lot of napping, card playing, Jenga, and talking about life back at home throughout the day. Last night, while Azah and Xavier cuddled on the couch, Derek was in the Yacht Room talking about how Azah has been throwing herself at Xavier. He says that he doesn’t like that she is doing that because Xavier won’t push her away now that she won R2. He says that he can’t say anything to her either because his game is in her hands.

Azah and Xavier come back to the room and they all start getting ready for bed. Azah and Xavier talk to Derek about how they should decide who to bring to F2 and what the Jury will respect the most. Derek gets up and heads out to the living room and Xavier tells Azah that he understands Derek’s frustration. Azah is just upset that he is throwing shade at her.

Xavier goes out to the living room to check on him and Derek tells him that he is frustrated with the situation. He tells Xavier that he regrets telling Azah about the deals that he made. He says that if he doesn’t expect her to pick him, but he doesn’t understand why she wouldn’t because she would win in a landslide. Derek tells Xavier that he is just going to take a deep breath and then go to bed.

Azah has been talking to the cameras and Xavier walks in. He tells Azah that Derek is emotional and that it’s probably best to avoid talking game with Derek. He tells her that he feels like it’s just not going to be a healthy discussion for them and will probably do more harm than good to their friendship.

We are just a couple of days away from Finale night and with how emotional Derek is about everything, I think it’s safe to say that Xavier and Azah are going to be avoiding game talk with him. That doesn’t mean that he won’t complain the entire way there. Who do you want to see in the F2 spots on Wednesday?

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