Friday in the Big Brother 23 house was Nomination Ceremony Day and High Roller’s Room day. All the Big Brother 2021 houseguests learned how much in BB Bucks they won thanks to America’s vote and chose whether or not they were going to play in a competition to win one of the powers. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out all the details from Friday’s live feeds!

The houseguests got an early wake-up call at 7:30 AM BBT in preparation for the long day they were about to have. Kyland had about 3 hours to figure out which HGs he was going to put on the block for Week 6 of Big Brother 23.

His first step in figuring this all out was talking to Xavier and Hannah to see what they thought about his plan. The three of them debate on whether or not the order of the first two Jury members matters and Hannah says that she thinks it does. X mentions that it’s probably not a good idea for them to send Alyssa and Christian out back to back and Ky seems to agree with that. Ky mentions in this conversation that he is going to have the rest of the house tell him who they would target this week and he will base his decision on that.

X goes and tells Alyssa what Ky is planning and tells her that he plans to base his nominations on that. Meanwhile, Tiffany is camtalking about how she has been in an emotional state, but she has realized that she lost the HOH because she wanted it for the wrong reasons. She also tells us that she is really upset that Sarah Beth isn’t an option for eviction this week, but Claire is.

Ky calls everyone up to the poker lounge to tell them all what his plan is and that he is going to have more time throughout the week for one-on-ones and that for now he just wants to get an idea of where everyone is at. He starts calling HGs into his HOH one by one and asks them all the same three questions. Who do you think is the most influential in the house? Who would you like to see go this week? Who would you put up next to them to ensure that they go? He makes them mark the HGs on a board with candy based on their position on the memory wall therefore we couldn’t hear anyone’s answers.

After all these short meetings, Ky tells Claire that he has to use one of the Detectives as a pawn and DX is definitely not a good idea. He explained to her later that she has fewer enemies in the house than the rest of the Detectives. He wants to make a deal with her that would leave them in a good place if he ends up putting her on the block. She tells him that they are in an alliance and she understands his position. Claire also tells him that it doesn’t make sense for him to put her up and suggests he put Hannah up instead.

Ky and Derek X talk and Ky goes over his nomination speech with him and says that he is going to tell everyone that based on the events of Thursday’s HOH, his perception of where he is in the house has changed. DX then asks Ky that if Claire is sitting next to someone that most people wouldn’t feel comfortable sitting next to, does that mean she is going home? Ky tells him not necessarily, he just needs to make sure that whoever is sitting next to Claire it’s someone that DX, Tiffany, or SB wouldn’t protect more than Claire.

DX tells Claire that he thinks that Ky has made deals with the former Kings and Claire says that she thinks he’s made deals with more than just them. She thinks that’s why it sounds like she is going on the block because Ky has run out of other options because of the number of deals he has made.

Feeds cut for Nominations and when they come back up, we see that Derek F and Claire were nominated. DF is sitting in the boat room alone and when Azah comes in to try and see how he is, he puts up his hand to signal that he wanted to be alone.

Alyssa is laughing hysterically in the Storage Room while talking to X telling him she thinks it’s funny that the former Jokers are so upset about DF being nominated. X tells her that he isn’t laughing until after the twist and Veto take place. Alyssa mentions that she thinks the plan is to backdoor Britini this week.

DF spent a lot of time playing up his nomination. He volunteered to be a pawn this week, but he doesn’t want the rest of the house to know that. He tells Azah that he needs to calm down before he flips a table. He also tells people that it only makes sense that he is on the block since he cussed Ky out after the HOH comp. He said that he thinks this week’s POV is going to be the spelling one so he is thinking of all the variations of “disrespectfully”. He also tells Britini and Azah that he is playing the game now. He didn’t want to skate by. He also tells them not to freak out until he does. Tells them that he needs them mentally focused.

Azah tells DF that if he wins a power this week, not to use it. She thinks he was put on the block because he is most likely to get enough BB Bucks to get a good power. She thinks that Ky put him up to flush it out because he knows that. Claire tells Britini that if she wins enough BB Bucks to get a power not to use it yet.

The feeds cut for over six hours as the High Roller’s Room twist took place. The HGs learned how much they each got based on America’s vote and then played in an individual comp. Even the people who decided not to play had to act as if they did to keep who played and the results of it secret.

DF tells Ky that he doesn’t know how much longer he can pretend that he hates Ky. It’s exhausting. Ky tells him he doesn’t have to, but DF tells him that he is because he doesn’t want the rest of the house to catch on to them. He tells Ky that he is even letting Azah think that he is the target. Ky wonders why he is doing this and he tells Ky that they can explain it to her after the week is over, but he doesn’t want her attitude to change and for it to tip off the house.

DF and Ky wonder if it’s a good idea for the HGs to share with each other how much they got in BB Bucks. Meanwhile, Alyssa and X are talking in the HN room and X says it’s interesting that no one is fessing up to getting 100 BB Bucks yet.

Xavier tells Hannah that he got 75 BB Bucks, she has 75 BB Bucks, Tiffany says she does and so does Britini and DF which means two of them are lying. Hannah thinks that Britini is lying and that she got 100 BB Bucks and she says that DX did too.

Hannah says that Ky, Claire, and SB spent all their BB Bucks already. Tiffany has 35 left and DF has 50 left. She also says that Alyssa and Azah only got 50 to begin with.

Ky tells DF that he can tell Ky how much BB Bucks he got if he wants to. DF says that he got 100 and wonders why Ky only got 50. Ky says that it’s because he doesn’t have a big personality.

SB talked to Claire a little later about the power and the POV Competition. Based on their conversation, it sounds like if they compete in the POV, you can bet on another player in the comp. If that player goes on to win the POV, then a second POV is given to the person who bets on them.

They also talked about the power for next week and it sounds like it’s some type of roulette game and if you are on the block and win it, you can take yourself off the block but then the replacement nom is chosen by random.

DX tells Hannah that he hopes Claire wins the second veto and Hannah asks “don’t you think you will be backdoored this week?” DX says he would bet his game on it that he isn’t a BD target this week. Meanwhile, DF is telling Azah that Ky told him he isn’t the target this week to try and smooth things over with her.

Hannah tells Azah that it wouldn’t be smart for them to send Claire home this week and really hopes that there is a backdoor plan in place.

Tiffany tells X that she wants to keep Claire this week and evict Britini. X says that he is good with that plan because he thinks that Britini got 100 BB Bucks and doesn’t want her to have a chance at using them. X goes to DF about this idea and DF isn’t happy about it but understands where X is coming from.

X tells Alyssa that he thinks that DF and Britini both got 100 BB Bucks this week and one of them should go this week because of it. He says that he is leaning more towards Britini.

Hannah talked to Ky about the targets and he tells her that it’s between Britini and Alyssa. Hannah tells him she would like to see Alyssa go this week and DX next week. After his conversation with Hannah, he talks to SB and SB tells him that she thinks that Alyssa isn’t a threat to them, but she thinks that Britini would target them both. Later she tells Ky that she would really like to play if he gets HG Choice and hopes that the second veto gets used. She says that she would bet on Alyssa.

Hannah talked to Tiffany before lights out and tells Tiffany that she isn’t sure how committed Ky is to the Cookout. She really wants Alyssa gone this week because getting rid of Claire doesn’t make sense for them.

So we have a little bit of information about who got what for BB Bucks. I’m not exactly sure how this power is going to play out or who it applies to. I’m sure there is some key information missing here like it only applies to those who played in the High Roller’s Comp. We will hopefully get more information as the day goes by and the POV plays out in the house. Be on the lookout for spoilers throughout the day.

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