We have officially kicked off Week 7 of Big Brother 23 with Sarah Beth as Head of Household and some names have been mentioned for potential targets. The biggest problem she faces is the High Roller’s Room twist on Big Brother 2021 and whether or not her fellow houseguests end up playing for any of the available powers. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details of what happened inside the house on Thursday night after the live show ended!

When the feeds returned after the live show ended, Azah and Derek F are talking about the possibility of SB putting either of them up. Azah thinks that she will go after Azah, Hannah, or Tiffany this week, but DF thinks that it could be him on the block. Azah asks DF if he is going to play in the roulette and he tells her that he doesn’t have enough BB Bucks, Azah says that he will after this week’s America’s vote.

SB and Kyland are celebrating in the storage room and SB tells Kyland that she isn’t sure that she likes the idea of Kyland being on the block this week. Kyland says that his preference would be Claire and Derek X this week.

Tiffany tells DX that SB told her she would go after the Jokers this week if she won HOH. DX told her that SB told him the same thing. Later, Tiffany tells Azah that SB is so unpredictable. Tiffany tells her that this is exactly what she didn’t want to happen after Kyland didn’t throw the HOH last week. If he wasn’t HOH last week, SB wouldn’t even be there. Tiffany also noted that they should all know what their pawns are doing, so Kyland should know what SB is planning.

Later Kyland tried to tell Tiffany that SB is trying to figure out if she is more concerned about Alyssa and Xavier or DX and Claire. Tiffany doesn’t believe for a second that SB would put Xavier and Alyssa on the block. Kyland says that his best-case scenario is for him to be next to Claire. Tiffany tells Kyland that SB told her that she would go after Azah and DF and Kyland says that was what SB told him too but that’s not what he wants her to do this week.

SB tells Kyland that the only way that DX would use all his BB Bucks is if he is nominated. Kyland tells her that DX told him that he would use the roulette power to save Kyland if he was on the block. SB asks Kyland if he actually trusts him to do that, but Kyland deflects and says that he trusts SB. SB tells Kyland that she feels good with Claire and Tiffany because they listen to her. She talks about how they had an alliance and they have never done anything to cause any distrust. She thinks that she should include them in her decisions this week so that they are more solid.

Tiffany tells Hannah that she doesn’t want SB to have evicting DX on her resume. She says that SB needs to get someone else out that won’t make her resume look so good, like Claire.

Alyssa tells SB that if she nominates DF, then he will be forced to use all his BB Bucks. SB tells her that she is definitely thinking about maybe targeting DF, but she wonders if that would be a wasted HOH.

SB and Tiffany talked a little later. SB tells Tiffany that she really wanted someone from the Jackpot alliance to win this week and Tiffany is acting like she is happy it’s SB. They talk about the power and SB says that she would really like it used and asks Tiffany if she would be winning to play in the roulette even if she isn’t on the block. Tiffany says she is. Tiffany asks that SB gives her a heads up if she plans to use her as a pawn. SB says that she would prefer to go through this week without having to put Tiffany or Claire on the block.

When SB talks to Claire she tells her that she would rather play this game with the Jackpot alliance. She says that having Kyland around, for now, is good, but she wouldn’t want to be sitting next to him in F2. SB tells Claire that Alyssa told her about Tiffany not being happy that SB won HOH. She says that she isn’t more worried about Tiffany after that though, she’s more worried about Alyssa. She says that she doesn’t trust Alyssa after she and Christian tried to pin SB and Hannah against each other.

She talks to Kyland after talking to a few other HGs and she tells him that she didn’t get a lot of information from anyone and no one would give her two targets. However, Alyssa and Claire both mentioned each other.

SB got her HOH room and she got a letter from her gf Shelly. Afterward, Tiffany talked to DX and she tells him that she thinks that she is going to be nominated with Hannah this week. DX says that he would go after SB if she tried to target Tiffany or Hannah. Tiffany says that she doesn’t want to be on the block, but she thinks she could survive it. DX says that he and Hannah have enough BB Bucks to play in the roulette. Tiffany tells him not to tell anyone else that.

That was the last real conversation to happen, the rest of the conversations were SB and Kyland going over every possible nomination scenario. I don’t have a clue as to what is going on this week, but we will find out soon enough! Be on the lookout for Nomination Ceremony spoilers coming up later on.

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