We have officially kicked off Week 8 of Big Brother 23 with a new Head of Household and a new plan in place. Unfortunately for Tiffany, there is still that pesky little power, the Coin of Destiny, just waiting to uproot her week. Tiffany didn’t waste any time and started her one-on-ones right after walking back into the Big Brother 2021 house. Read on to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night’s live feeds right here!

We started the night with some celebrating in the storage room between Tiffany, Claire, Hannah, and Azah. Hannah starts running down who has what for BB Bucks and says that she doesn’t think that Sarah Beth will have enough to play this week. A little later, SB tells Azah that she would have to have 100 BB Bucks in her envelope and get 100 from America in order to have enough to play. She says after sending DX home, she isn’t getting 100 from America.

Derek tells Kyland and Tiffany that Ky needs to stay away from Tiffany this week and Tiffany agrees. Ky says that they can be friends before noms, but after noms, they can’t be friends. After Derek leaves, Tiffany tells them that she would like for Xavier to stay on the block this week so that Alyssa has to vote for X to stay and X doesn’t have to vote against SB. Tiffany also warns Ky that when they get to F6, the two of them are the first targets. He wonders who would target him but says that Tiffany is likely DF’s target and he could be Azah’s.

Tiffany tells Claire that she is likely going to put SB and Ky on the block and if one of them comes down, Alyssa will be her renom. They agree that Tiffany has to be very careful with any deals that Alyssa might throw at her.

Tiffany talked to Azah right after and Tiffany mentions that she has noticed that Alyssa has been following her around and she isn’t sure if there is anything more to that. Azah tells her to listen to her gut when it comes to that and confirms that she has noticed that too. Tiffany asks Azah what she would have done this week and she tells her that she would put SB and Ky and if SB came down, Alyssa would have to go.

Derek tells Tiffany that he would put up Ky and Claire and then went for the Coin of Destiny. If he won that he would have changed it to Ky and SB. Tiffany tells Derek that right now her target is SB and adds that he has to play in the Coin of Destiny because, with these envelopes, no one knows who is able to play anymore. Derek also mentions that right now Alyssa knows she has to target Claire if she wins and Tiffany tells him that he needs to start planting seeds with Claire so that she targets Alyssa if she wins.

Tiffany talked to Alyssa after that and Alyssa makes it a point to tell Tiffany that SB told her to use the roulette to take Derek down last week. Alyssa tells her that DX told her that SB was actually going to target Alyssa last week. Tiffany tells Alyssa that she heard Alyssa was going to target her (T) if she won HOH. Alyssa tells her that’s not true at all and she can ask X and that she was going to go after SB because she hasn’t trusted her in weeks.

Tiffany asks Alyssa what she would do if SB and X are on the block and she won POV and she tells Tiffany that she would take X down. Tiffany asks if Alyssa would vote SB out and Alyssa tells her that keeping SB in this house isn’t something she would even consider right now.

Tiffany talked to X and told him that she was thinking about putting SB and Ky up this week and that she needs X to gun it for veto. He says that he will and she says that if he doesn’t win, she hopes that Ky does just so she knows SB will be on the block regardless. She says that she prefers that X wins it though so that she doesn’t have to renom anyone else.

Tiffany talked to SB and told her that she isn’t sure what she wants to do yet, but that she is looking at strong duos in the house. She tells SB that if she chooses to put her and Ky up that she will at least do so so that SB can play in the Veto. SB tells Tiffany that if she is safe this week, she would have no reason to go after Tiffany or Claire next week.

SB tells Tiffany that she didn’t think that sending DX out would have affected Tiffany this much. She tells SB that DX wasn’t coming for her and he was her friend in the house. She says that she doesn’t understand why SB felt she needed to take that shot because it just put her in a position that she wasn’t in before. Tiffany tells her that she doesn’t have two strong guys looking out for her like SB does, but SB tells her that girls who rely on men to get to the end don’t usually win. SB claims that Kyland knows she wouldn’t take him to F2 if she got there.

SB told Kyland later that she tried to put the target on Alyssa in her talks with Tiffany. Meanwhile, Tiffany is telling Alyssa and X that SB threw them both under the bus and she doesn’t think she can work with someone who gives up on their allies so easily.

A little later, SB tried to push Alyssa to Tiffany again. Tiffany tells her that she is going to sleep on the information and talk to Alyssa in the morning before making her decision. SB then goes down to talk to Derek and Azah and tells them that if she got 100 BB Bucks in her envelope and 100 from America then she would be able to play in the Coin of Destiny.

Before heading to bed, Tiffany talked to Kyland and let him know what she told SB. She also told him that he is going to have to sit next to SB this week and pray that she doesn’t win the Veto. Kyland goes downstairs and tells SB that it will either be them or Alyssa that go up. He suggests that SB keep working the Alyssa angle so that they can maybe get the Veto used and Alyssa can go up as a renom.

So it looks like Kyland and Sarah Beth are going to hit the block today at the Nomination Ceremony. Xavier will be a third nominee regardless of how the Coin of Destiny plays out, but that is one strong player in the Veto that could potentially win it so that Ky and SB don’t. It looks like most of the house is looking to target Ky and SB this week so it would be a surprise if the nominations changed at all.

I will keep you posted throughout the day on what happens after the Nomination Ceremony and what happens after the Coin of Destiny!

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