Tonight on Big Brother 23, we will watch as Derek X, Britini, and Sarah Beth are joined by three of their fellow houseguests in this week’s Power of Veto Competition. Who will win the POV and will Derek X have a shot at backdooring Christian as he planned? Refresh this page frequently for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2021. If you don’t want to wait to find out, check out my Big Brother spoilers for the results!

We start tonight’s episode off with the fallout from this week’s Nomination Ceremony. Britini is crying because she is on the block for the third time. The former Kings are talking in the HN room and they are all telling SB that they will fight for her if they play in the Veto this week.

SB goes to talk to DX about his choice to put her on the block this week and they sit in silence for a while and DX breaks. He tells SB that he doesn’t want her to go home this week. SB asks why he didn’t just put up two Jokers? He implies to her that if she comes off the block, he isn’t putting up another Joker.

Alyssa, Xavier, and Christian that he didn’t want to put two jokers up because it would be bad for his game. He tells them that if he didn’t put a King up, people would be suspicious that there might be an alliance. Alyssa asks if SB comes down, who will go up in her place and he tells them that it would have to be another Joker. They ask if Britini is his target and he tells them she is. Christian thanks DX for not putting him on the block as a pawn.

Alyssa tells SB that if she wins the POV, she will take SB off the block. SB tells us that she feels back that Christian is going to go up if Alyssa pulls her off the block, but she can’t say anything, or else she will end up stuck on the block.

It is time to pick players for the Veto! Derek X pulls Alyssa, SB pulls Claire, and Britini pulls Kyland’s name. Britini pulled the one chip she didn’t want to pull. DX couldn’t be happier that Christian’s name wasn’t pulled. Meanwhile, SB is laying in bed singing “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Win the veto, earn your safety, and betray your team.”

It is time for the comp! The HGs will have to do reps on exercise equipment in an allotted time and the person with the least amount of reps will be eliminated. The eliminated HG will then be able to clear out a locker with a prize or punishment inside. Here is who was eliminated and what they got as a prize or punishment:

  1. Claire was eliminated and in her locker is the Veto.
  2. Sarah Beth was eliminated and in her locker is $5k and she kept it.
  3. Kyland was eliminated and he gets the 52-card pickup punishment and gives it to Claire and takes the Veto.
  4. Derek X was eliminated and he gets the Jackass of Clubs punishment and trades it for the Veto.
  5. Alyssa was eliminated and she gets a phone call from a loved one and if she is still in the house in four weeks, she gets a video message from home.
  6. Britini gets the Lord of the Latrine punishment and she trades it for the Veto.

SB knew if she took the veto that early in the eliminations, that she wouldn’t have kept it since Britini is still in the comp. She decided to keep the money instead of getting stuck with a punishment. In the end, Britini won the POV!

DX gets his Lord of the Latrine punishment costume. For 24 hours, whenever someone needs to use the bathroom, he has to unlock the bathroom, and announce who is using the bathroom to the house. We get a look at some of the clips for his 24-hour punishment and he gets woken up in the middle of the night by Tiffany.

We then get a look at DX telling Alyssa before the Veto Meeting about his plan to backdoor Christian. He tells her that he thinks this is the last shot he’s going to have to take at him before Christian takes one at him. Alyssa tries to talk DX into not putting Christian on the block by telling him that Christian isn’t looking to take a shot at DX. DX isn’t buying what she’s selling.

Alyssa leaves the room when Xavier walks in and DX tells Xavier that he thinks putting Christian on the block is the best move for his game. SB walks into the room and DX fakes telling SB that he is thinking about this move. SB tells him to do what’s best for his game. Alyssa tells them that SB is 100% safe against any Joker, but not against Christian. DX asks to talk to SB alone for a second and she tells DX that he has to take this shot because they are coming for him regardless of Christian going on the block or not.

Before the Veto Meeting, Christian tells DX that he has to start thinking about Jury Management. If he keeps Christian in the house then he will have his vote in the end. However, if he takes him out now, he not only loses Christian’s vote but also a few of his closest allies.

We will find out who DX’s renom choice is tomorrow night before the live vote and eviction! If you don’t want to wait, find out what happened right here!

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