Tonight on Big Brother 23, the houseguests will vote to evict another one of their own and either Claire or Derek X will become the second member of our Jury. It’s been a crazy week with the Big Brother 2021 house completely split on this vote, or so it seems. If you have missed any of the action inside the house, make sure you catch up with our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, refresh this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s show!

We start off with a look at the houseguests reacting to DX and Claire being on the block together. Tiffany brings up the idea of keeping DX and sending Claire out to Hannah and Azah. Hannah then runs to Xavier and tells him that Tiffany wants to try and flip the house to keep him. Xavier knows that he has to talk to Azah and Tiffany now.

Xavier starts with Azah and she understood where he was coming from and seemed to be back on board with sending DX out. Now it’s time to talk to Tiffany, but during this talk, Kyland annoys Tiffany with his condescending tone. Xavier asks Kyland if he can talk to Tiffany alone and Kyland leaves the room. Tiffany tells Xavier that DX is clearly not untouchable if SB was the one to put him up there, but tells him that she will do whatever they want her to.

Tiffany tells us that she is telling Ky and X what they want to hear, but she doesn’t plan to stop trying to get others to keep DX this week. Tiffany tells Azah that the guys are going to beat them and pick them all off. Tiffany tells us that she thinks that in order for her, Azah, and Hannah to take the wheel this week, they need to keep DX around.

We get a look at SB telling Xavier that he has to report to the have-not room with water and food. He finds his bucket, I mean toilet, for the next 24 hours inside a tent. Meanwhile, DX is trying to figure out where he could get one more vote in order to stay. Tiffany gives DX some tips as to what he should say to Azah in order to try and get her to give him a vote.

DX tells Azah that he knows that he isn’t going to make it to the end, but before he goes, he wants to level the playing field for some of the others in the house. He basically tells her that if he can at least get Ky and SB out before he leaves, that will level the playing field for the people in the house that he cares about like Azah, Hannah, and Tiffany. She tells him that she is going to think about it. She tells us that she was so sure 30 minutes ago that DX had to go, but now she isn’t sure.

It is time for the live vote and eviction, but first, DX and Claire have to make their speeches. Here is how the votes went:

  • Alyssa – Derek X
  • Hannah – Claire
  • Kyland – Claire
  • Derek F – Derek X
  • Tiffany – Derek X
  • Azah – Derek X
  • Xavier – Derek X

With a vote of 5-2, Derek X has been evicted from the Big Brother 23 house. It is time for this week’s HOH competition! Find out who won right here!

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