Week 2 of Big Brother 23 kicked off with Kyland winning the HOH competition on Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother. The Wildcard Competition happened and now it’s time to find out who has been nominated for eviction. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out who is on the block this week!

After the feeds came back up from the Wildcard Comp, Kyland started speaking with the teams inside the Big Brother house and then did his one on ones with the houseguests. During his one on ones, Kyland got a lot of information from his fellow HGs about one person in particular.

Everyone from the Kings, Aces, and even the queens were pretty quick to talk about all of the issues with Frenchie and how erratic and unpredictable Frenchie has been all day today. Apparently, while the feeds were down, there was a situation where Frenchie walked into a room where Whitney was talking to a bunch of other people and might as well have told them all about the big alliance he is in. This caused Whitney to have to think of a cover on the spot.

A lot of other people mentioned to Kyland that they felt Frenchie was a detriment to their alliance, but some agreed that he should have the chance to fight in the Power of Veto. So did Kyland put Frenchie on the block? Let’s find out!

Nominations for Week 2 of Big Brother 23 are:

  • Frenchie
  • Britini

There you have it! Kyland decided to put Frenchie on the block straight-up and give him a shot to play in the Power of Veto and save himself. Based on talks inside the house prior to the feeds going down for the Nomination Ceremony, it does sound like Britini is just a pawn.

When the feeds came back up, Frenchie is telling Britini to lay low and keep the target off her back. He says he is perfectly fine going home and being with his family this week.

What do you think of this week’s nominations?

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