We are less than a month away from the Big Brother Canada 2014 premiere and they are starting to give us a few Big Brother Canada 2014 spoilers to share with you! Big Brother Canada 2 kicks off on March 5th at 9/8c on Slice and it looks like it is a new season with a new set of HouseGuests and a new house! Yup, after just one season, they are bringing in a new house for the Big Brother Canada 2014 cast! Check out some sneak peek photos of the HGs and house below in my Big Brother Canada 2014 spoilers!

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I’ll be honest, I never watched Season 1 of Big Brother Canada. Don’t get mad at me! I did hear about all the hype and how it was an amazing season and put Big Brother 15 to shame, but what couldn’t do that?

Now, as we enter into a new season of Big Brother Canada 2014, I am ready to see what it has to offer. I may not have all the updates like Big Brother US, but I’ll try and keep track of what is going on and keep us all informed! I am sorry no posts in a while either, but it has been quiet on the BB front, so here are some new threads to leave your comments on, JO1!

Check out some photos of the new house and a silhouette shot of the new HGs on Big Brother Canada 2014:

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