Big Brother Over The Top features a revolutionary way to watch Big Brother. It makes being a feed watcher a critical part of the show. Now super fans get to enjoy their insanity with people who once only watched CBS’s edited version.

Julie Chen Big Brother Over The Top

Big Brother Over The Top already has a few noticeable differences from the original version. For example, viewers crown the winner, instead of the Big Brother jury. This may come as a relief to those unhappy with the outcome of Big Brother 18. Host Julie Chen should give more details about picking the winner of Big Brother Over The Top during the premiere.

Voting for the winner will only be part of the viewers’ powers. According to Julie, they will “control the game like never before.” One way might include having a hand in the weekly evictions, whether that means nominations or casting the vote to evict.

Julie also mentioned, during her backyard interview, Safety Ceremonies, which seem similar to eviction ceremonies, but may include gradual elimination of possible nominees. According to the Over The Top schedule, those take place twice a week, Saturdays and Sundays.

Other notable changes include weekday replays, which seems to imply a clip show episode that highlights key events of the day. Those weekday replay shows happen on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Big Brother Over The Top Schedule

Veto Competitions and Ceremonies happen on Monday and Tuesday. Full episodes are on Wednesday followed by Live Evictions on the same day. The next day (Thursday) focuses on Julie interviews, both with current houseguests and the evictees.

Interestingly, many of the scheduled events happen very late, so you’ll probably have to flashback to watch them the following morning, or adj ust your sleep schedule to become a night owl and catch the events as they happen.

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