Last night, the new 13 Big Brother Over the Top houseguests moved into the Big Brother house. The premiere night played out like no other. For over two hours, we watched the BBOTT houseguests enter into the house one by one. We then learned quite a bit about the first batch of Big Brother Over the Top players.

Big Brother Over the Top Night 1

It was a long night (which continues to go on for some). The introduction to the Big Brother Over the Top game is hard to describe in recap form, so instead, we’re just going to mention some of the highlights from last night’s BBOTT cast introduction.

    • Alex and Morgan Willett chose to pretend to be strangers. They even introduced themselves to one another.
    • Justin Duncan already seems like the most clueless about the game.
    • He spent most of the night drunk and hitting on Danielle Lickey.
    • Jason Roy won America’s vote to return to the Big Brother game. Quite a few houseguests recognized him when he entered.
    • Danielle and Jason discussed Big Brother 18 and started to bond. They might become the second Jason and Danielle final 2 alliance in Big Brother history.
    • Shelby Stockton‘s fake occupation is a waitress. She mentioned being a waitress quite a few times during the inital cast introduction (for those who forgot, Shelby just completed law school.)
    • The memory wall has a new look (see  picture below).Big Brother Over The Top Memory Wall
    • When Scott Dennis mentioned that he works as a debt collector, Jason screamed “he has got to go!”
    • Host Julie Chen left a prerecorded message revealing that America picks the winner and no jury house.
    • The houseguests were told that the Head of Household competition happens today. It’ll take place at 1 PM EST/10 AM PT.
    • Kryssie Ridolfi and Neeley Jackson bonded over their big weight loss stories. Kryssie lost about 75 plus pounds before she started lifting weights to make up for the extra skin. Neeley lost 90 plus pounds.
    • Kryssie was on the look out for a platonic cuddle buddy
    • Scott, Morgan, Shane Chapman, and Neeley were the first four Big Brother Over the Top houseguests.
    • Some of the players (Whitney Hogg and Alex) already started discussing how America loves Jason, so they don’t want to be at the end with him.
    • Jason talked to the feeders, saying that he didn’t know  about this new cast.
    • Most of the women seems to have bonded. The male-female divide seems to have already started.
    • CBS left 16 keyholes and put out extra plates, so houseguests speculated that it would be 16 houseguests until the last one entered and Julie confirmed that that was it.
    • Jason told the BBOTT cast about his strained relationship with James Huling.
    • Many of the houseguests were desperate to know who won Big Brother 18.

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