The final three Big Brother Over the Top players gave their last pleas to America. Jason Roy, Kryssie Ridolfi, and Morgan Willett explained why they deserved to win the $250,000. Some of their points explained their game, gave points about why they deserved to win, and explained the faults in other’s games.


All three speeches were short, no more than a couple minutes. Nothing groundbreaking came from anyone’s final speech, but some made valid points that may give them a vote boost. The speeches were given in the order of how they made it to the finale.

Therefore, the order was Jason, Kryssie, Morgan. Here are the key points from each speech.

Jason’s Speech Highlights:

BBOTT Jason Roy

  • Jason mentioned the BB streets again. He also mentioned being a Big Brother historian again.
  • Jason wanted voters to reward him for playing the best game
  • He explained how he made some moves on the other side
  • Jason talked about why Kryssie didn’t deserve to win over him because she didn’t socialize with the other side. He credited himself and Danielle Lickey with most of the things that Kryssie believed she accomplished.
  • He said that Morgan didn’t make enough big moves. He also said that the twist helped her a lot. She received more information than anyone else.
  • Jason mentioned how he won competitions when he needed to win them.

Kryssie Speech Highlights:

BBOTT Kryssie Ridolfi

  • Kryssie discussed all her major BBOTT moves
  • She stated that she flipped Danielle to save Justin Duncan. She also mentioned turning Justin against Danielle
  • She claimed to have thrown the tiebreaker during the double eviction to not be the first person to win 2 HoHs
  • Kryssie mentioned how she wanted to play the game loyal and smart
  • She claimed loyalty to Jason was strategy to get her in the finals

Morgan’s Speech Highlights:

BBOTT Morgan Willett

  • Morgan mentioned having a positive attitude even when times got rough
  • She talked about how the sister twist didn’t help her game. She had to play for two people instead of one
  • Morgan said that she won competitions when necessary. She mentioned embracing her non-threat reputation to help her get far
  • She said that a vote for her, is a vote for all of her BBOTT alliance members. She then listed them: Whitney Hogg, Shelby Stockton, Monte Massongill, Alex Willett, and Scott Dennis.

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