We’re two days into the Big Brother Over The Top season. Right now, most players are taking the game slow and steady by getting to know their housemates before jumping into a BBOTT alliances. However, we are starting to see the forming of some Big Brother Over the Top potential alliances.

Big Brother Over the Top Julie chen

The most important thing about the start of Big Brother Over the Top is that it’s letting us decide early on who we like and don’t like. Viewers preferences plays a major part in this year’s Big Brother Over the Top game.

Host Julie Chen announced on the Big Brother 18 finale night that the viewers would decide the winner and a few other important aspects of the game. Earlier today, Mashable exclusively, finally, released what exactly America can decide on in the Big Brother Over the Top game.

Here’s the four major things America picks on Big Brother Over the Top:

America’s Nominee Vote

Per usual, the Head of Household nominates two people for eviction. However, each week three people go on the block. Similar to the Big Brother 15’s MVP twist, which once allowed America to pick the third nominee, America picks the third nominee each week.

America’s Eviction Vote

Also like classic Big Brother, each week those not nominated will cast their vote to evict. However, America casts one extra vote. Whoever receives the most votes from America will get an extra vote against them. This could come in handy when the house divides on who they want out of it.

It could also place a continuous target on someone’s back, or make them the houseguests’ final 2 pick (wouldn’t you want to take someone to the finals that you already know America hates?)

America’s Care Package Vote

Big Brother 18’s not-so game changing twist returns. Each week, America votes who they want to grant a special power to use in the game. We do not know yet when America’s Care Package will start and the prizes listed for them.

America’s Have Nots Vote

America gets to torture their least favorites by making three players “have nots” each week.

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