Today the Big Brother Over the Top cast members were announced. We already know that one of those cast members will be Jason Roy or Jozea Flores. The other twelve will be completely new Big Brother Over the Top players.

Big Brother Over the Top Cast


The new Big Brother Over the Top cast included a range of new characters. We had a few that fell into the typical Big Brother character archetype, eg., superfan, southern comp beast, quirky girl etc. However, we have a little more diversity in terms of physical appearances. Not everyone looks like they’re ready for their modeling contract.

Here’s a list of the first six Big Brother Over the Top cast members. The second list will be posted soon. You can read their bios and watch their intro videos to make your own conclusions. We based our first impression section on their videos and bios.

Justin Duncan

Big Brother Over the Top Justin Duncan
Age: 27
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Current city: New Orleans, LA
Occupation: Seafood restaurant owner

First Impressions: Justin seems like he’ll be extremely fun to watch on the Live Feeds. We can expect some interesting Diary Room sessions from him. We’re not sure how he’ll be as a player, because we haven’t really had his type of player before on Big Brother. We do believe that Justin will provide a lot of entertainment and be pretty good at competitions.

Justin seems like one of the players you might want to pencil in early as an America’s Favorite player, unless he gets an early boot.

Monte Massongill

Big Brother Over the Top Monte Massongill

Age: 25
Hometown: Olive Branch, MS
Current city: Olive Branch, MS
Occupation: Engineer associate

First Impressions: Monte definitely falls into that “comp best” Caleb Reynolds type character box. He’s a southern boy with southern boy loyalty and morals. He’ll join a big alliance and be the one trying to keep them together. He’ll probably have a showmance and win a lot of competitions. If the voting goes as it usually does, you might want to pencil Monte into one of the top 5 spots.

If America votes, then he’ll probably be an early evictee.

Shelby Stockton

Big Brother Over the Top Shelby Stockton
Age: 24
Hometown: Fountain Hills, AZ
Current city: Simi Valley, CA
Occupation: Recent law-school graduate

First Impressions: Shelby might just be the ruthless female player that we’ve desperately needed on Big Brother. As long as she keeps her head in the game, and not get distracted by a boy, she might go far. However, we fully expect Shelby to get into a showmance.

Shelby and Danielle’s similar age, location, and love for Harry Potter might make them early allies, or direct enemies. We anticipate their relationship going one of the two extremes.

Danielle Lickey

Big Brother Over The Top Danielle Lickey
Age: 23
Hometown: Visalia, CA
Current city: Visalia, CA
Occupation: Pre-school teacher

First Impressions: Danielle seems like a nice girl, but  a bit boring. We expect her to go far by laying low, but not adding much in terms of entertainment.

The fact that she has an athletic background might make her one of the strongest physical competitors. Danielle having a child might also make her a little more ruthless than she initially appears. She might not be an entertaining player but definitely has potential to be an efficient strategist.

Morgan Willett

Big Brother Over The Top Morgan Willett
Age: 22
Hometown: Granbury, TX
Current city: Austin, TX
Occupation: Publicist

First Impressions: Morgan is hard to read at the moment. It definitely seems like she’ll kind of be a coaster who doesn’t do much. However, her lack of competition prowess will make players keep her around. On the other hand, Natalie Negrotti gave us that vibe last year too. She turned out to be a way better player than expected. So something similar could happen with Morgan, especially since she’s playing with her sister.

The sisters could bring out the better player side of each other.

Alex Willett

Big Brother Over the Top Alex Willett

Age: 25
Hometown: Grandbury, TX
Current city: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Animation designer

First Impressions: Alex seems quite similar to Morgan but she has a slight edge with the superfan status. The two could be a decent duo. We weren’t sold on Alex with her interviews, but her bio added some more interesting layers to Alex. She might be one of the better players this season.

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